When are dividends paid?


Yesterday at 2 pm I had this email from Freetrade:

“You’ve received a Dividend of £0.56 in your General Investment Account (GIA) for J.P.M. EM $ Govt Bnd”

Payment was not in my account with nothing listed under the Activity tab.

When will I receive the payment?

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Ex date 15/04/2021
Records date 16/04/2021
Payment date 27/04/2021

You should have. Check your cash balance. I received the exact same one yesterday. It might show earlier than you’d expect in the activity tab though.

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My dividends so far have appeared same day. They’re not that obvious in the activity feed, they’re listed under the share as Income.

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I’ve found the money usually appears before I get the email, sometimes by quite a while so I’m waiting for the email to see which dividend it was

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They are listed as dividend.

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This is quite slack by Freetrade as surely it should be simple to send a crystal clear notification of when a dividend lands in your account? Seems very odd that this should even be in a forum discussion especially when you consider they posted this back in 2018.

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I think the activity feed sucks in general as you can’t filter it by type, stock or date.

But dividends are definitely listed there and for dividends, they’ve also sent me an email every time, so I don’t think they’re failing in that regard.


They are listed as income. I can see this exact dividend in my feed: date: 27.4.2021; Type: Income.
However I second the feeling that this is not well done and should be improved.

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Agreed that they have not failed the payment etc but the notification part is shocking especially when they themselves posted the plan “coming soon” with screenshots of “pending” etc in 2018 and kept saying it is on way :joy:

A business shouldn’t post something they won’t follow through on and if they can’t follow through then they should explain not hide. Also, I do find it annoying I get notifications from a 3rd party and not FT as I like to know when I receive to fill in my spreadsheets and as FT doesn’t offer many charts etc then the data is more important to me ASAP and clear. This means I have to search to check although I do 100% trust FT to actually make the payment :+1:


Mine says the company name then dividend underneath. While the Symbol maybe income I don’t really see much issue in identifying them.


Mine say company name and income underneath, weird

Are you iphone or android?



Nothing is listed. Checking at a cash balance is beyond impractical.

It must be listed in the activity feed but of course it’s not.

My the account balance changes several times a day. Yesterday I topped up with these values from my bank acc: 10 3.45 2.10 45 11 6. I could never verify money in without some reference to the source because it gets lost in the noise.

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Where? As far as I am concerned I did not get paid.

I think the fact everyone has slightly different just proves it is an area that needs a :boot: in the backside :joy:


Found it. Was paid on the 27th. The note is buried and obscured by other translations. We need a sort filter.

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I’m Android, must show slightly differently.

I think there are plans to improve the activity feed. It could definitely do with some filters and sorting


Shows as ‘Dividend’ on iOS and ‘Income’ on Android.

Obviously if you have a lot of transactions around the payment time you may have to scroll down to find it.

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