When can I retire?

Cascais/Estoril. Maybe just outside depends on accom prices. Do you know the area?

That’s the spirit!

That seems to be the misunderstanding then. We all mean living of our own money, not receiving government pay.


Only by spending a few days as a tourist. Has reputation of being a posh area. It’s beautiful. Loads of quality amenities. Very close to Lisbon. If you’re in to surf you can find several options. I would expect housing prices to be above average.

Golf, tennis, football, rugby, beaches, Michelin star restaurants, very good non Michelin star restaurant at affordable prices.

If your line of work is in software development Oeiras is near by and getting hotter by the day…

You can check this website
to find houses and land for sale and to let

Ye I’m well aware I’ve been there twice this year and might make it out again for a weekend while the rugby’s on. Great quality of life there and Lisbon’s not too far away. Couldn’t get over how cheap the Ubers are too, I will be ditching the car full time when I move. I won’t be buying a house for a while I’d say I’ll be renting. Trying to invest more and buying a house is not an asset.

Thanks I’ve got a few of them in a list in my notes had that one already. No I’m not in software but I have been looking at Oeiras as well.

Looks like like you’re advanced in your preparations. You’re sure you gonna love it. Please, do enjoy

Thanks Raul :+1:

That’s exactly what retirement is? It’s putting money away in to your retirement fund in to investments for you to use when you’re a certain age?

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Just following on, you only receive a full state pension after 35 qualifying years of National Insurance contributions, it’s not just given to you.