When to get out of a position? (RMG)


How to know know when to get out of a position?

I’m specifically looking at RMG

It’s been on the rise and today just peaked through resistance at 515 with a big gap now until the next level so it could rise, but I kind of feel like now is the time to get out but what am I missing/not seeing?

Just my personal view;

When you feel comfortable selling.

That’s really all anyone can say. Is the price today a good enough profit for you to warrant selling? If so, sell.

If not, why not? Do you think it will go further? Are you comfortable keeping it if it doesn’t go further, or if it declines? If so, sit on it. If not, go back to the question about selling it.

Whether you sell or hold, don’t fall into the trap of feeling you’ve missed out because of the decision you made. Sometimes you’ll sell and it’ll keep going, too bad. Sometimes you’ll sit and it’ll decline and you’ll wish you sold.

If anyone knew whether things were going to go up/down on a consistent basis, they’d be a billionaire and they definitely wouldn’t be telling anyone else how to do it! :wink:


Do you mean to tell Warren Buffet isn’t on Freetrade, that’s it I’m off :wink:

Yeah I get your point.

The shares have no value as they were given to the Mrs and she would hold them until they crashed to 001p because that is her way, she doesn’t care if she holds them or not, it’s easier for her not to think about them.

But then what would we do with the money but reinvest it into something else???

Yeah I don’t think I would keep thinking about it if they went up, a win is a win, you won already! That’s what I feel now, maybe in practice it’s different.

It may help to consider if you had the cash rather than the shares, would you buy them now? or would you buy something else?


That’s the thing if I think they’re up to their limit then it would make sense to ‘risk’ it (er I mean invest) somewhere else.

What about the chart? What technical analysis can we apply to this chart?

If you think the money would do better somewhere else you should probably sell them and buy that.

The chart won’t predict the future for you. You can only decide if you think it’s bullish, and try and assess probability of it going up further. But you are never going to get a fool proof signal from a chart

Disclaimer: I don’t hold RMG and I haven’t done any research on them. I don’t know if that’s a good price or not.

JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank both have target prices of over 700 on RMG now, so it might not have peaked yet.

I got out on 9th, as I suspected it was ready for some profit taking.
I was right but it didn’t slide enough for me to get back in.

Personally, I think it’s done enough since 5/3 and there’s been enough consolidation Thursday/Friday to justify a slide on Monday. All the news is good for opening the economy up, but that’s going to mean less mail order, so RMG may slide out of favour a tad.

Even though I was out at 470 ish, I’d still look to get back in at 485/490 based on last weeks performance.

Think we’re gonna hang on to them for now and keep a close eye on them.

Probably keep adding to my pot too if they can sustain the upward trend.

The future. Just like me. I know it’s probably an unhelpful remark. But so true it hurts me