When will the Android app be on par with the iOS version?

Hi @Ian,

I just wanted to revisit this as I just had the pleasure of adding all my buys and sells since my portfolio inception to a 3rd party application (so time consuming).

My question wasnt picked up in the AMA, but that’s understandable as there was a lot to get through.

Is this difference still on your radar? I think I first raised this difference in platform back in November, and that is only when I became aware of it

I keep checking the building freetrade blog for updates… when freetrade launches their Alpha account is it your expectation that we will no longer have these slight variations of features?

I think those with alpha accounts would like to know they’re getting all the same features as their apple or android counterparts and the same for the basic users.


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Hey @Yjordan

Thanks for the message. I just wanted to reiterate what @Ian said previously and update on how we approach things.

Firstly, we don’t have a preference on platform - neither iOS or Android gets priority treatment in terms of features. I’m an Android user myself, we have a lot of iOS users in the team, so we have plenty of champions for each platform to keep us honest.

To allow us to deliver features quicker, we may initially develop on one before the other as we want to get features in your hands as quickly as possible, and we love to get valuable feedback earlier. But that’s just a question of how we sequence the work; the other platform will always follow immediately afterwards, and we don’t consider the work as complete until all of our users are benefitting from it.

So, allowing for native Android/iOS design patterns, there shouldn’t be any slight variations in new features we deliver for either the paid or free version of the product.

There are a few historic differences raised in this thread which we’re aware of and will look to address as we continue to improve the app.


Any update on when this feature (see all recent activity) will be added to Android?

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Lool, I don’t know if freetrade knows how useful this would be… not sure when they introduced it to but almost a year later we are still waiting.

Well they thought it was useful enough to create it in the first place, odd that they wouldnt bother adding it to Android.

I think if more android users were aware and kicked up more of a fuss it would’ve been resolved along time ago. Unfortunately people dont know what there missing because their freetrade experience is on one platform or the other. :pensive:

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At this stage of product development where premium users are being on-boarded, you’d hope the experience between operating systems would be on par (hopefully it is🤞)

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I think for the most part it is, and that would probably be freetrades argument. But to be able to see all activity for an individual stock is invaluable. Recently I had to load all of my buys and sells on to a 3rd party app, it was painstaking. I also tried requesting an export for my account from freetrade, but they only provide pdfs not csv files and columns are not separated in a useful format

Just seen the app has had a UI update, was wondering if four months on the “recent activity/see all” option was still something freetrade was looking to address? Or does freetrade plan to improve the activity tab on both versions?

It’s currently a jumble of buys, sells, cancel, topups, withdrawals and statements.