When you're technically in profit but

Has anyone had this.

I’m technically speaking in profit with €AKTIAh. I bought at €11.86 and she’s now at €12.04. all being correct this should be green.

I find the only thing preventing that is the GBP/EUR exchange rate.

Also had this phenomenon take place with $PSEC.

If you were to cash out right now then you would not see a return on investment. Therefore, you’re not in green :cry:


As a dividend investor I’m happy to L/T hold. Just an observation.

The only stocks I’ve ever day traded were $TSLA $LCID and $ARVL. These are meme stocks or low/non profit making growth stocks and I went in with a different mindset.

Can you specify what you mean by phenomenon please Sam @RumNCoke
With regards $psec as a shareholder and quite a lot of them :joy: so all news welcome :+1:t2:

Where the S/P in $ or € is higher than you paid for it. If the USD or EUR is at a low in comparison to the £ you might still be in the red.

It’s :100: related to FX and not related to S/p at all.

Don’t think anything is in Euros as with $ normally x times your average share price by currently exchange rate and get your real price :wink:

Think she knows that, she’s saying even though the $ share price has gone up, due to FX fluctuations the current value in £ is lower than she paid.

Aren’t the Finnish stocks in Euros?


Not sure about Finnish as new and not even bothering with that haha :rofl: