Where are the ISA REITs?

Sorry to repeat this discussion on REITS, but I really do want to keep it alive.

I do not understand how having ISA wrapped REITs is not high on the FT priority list? Unless their data analysis shows very little user interest in REITs, this really ought to be sorted out. The potentially gains we are (or will be) missing out on is actually sad.

For anyone not familiar with REITs, I strongly encourage you to check them out… :pray:

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What makes you say it isn’t high on their priority list?

I’m sure the last few times FT have talked about REIT’s they’ve spoken about how complex they are to add in, but that they are very much in the pipeline.

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“Starting next week, we’ll take a break from adding stocks weekly, and we’ll work on adding community requests that pose more technical or operational complexity.”

We’re assuming REITs, Nationality Declaration stocks and US REITs in ISAs are somewhere in there.

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I am basing it primarily on the emails, website information and in-app notifications. Seems like the priority has been more stocks, ETFs and the Alpha account. These are all really good things, of course.

Also, if you try and buy REITs with your ISA account on FT it reads: " [REIT Name] is currently unavailable to trade in an ISA. If you’d like to buy it, please switch to your Basic account". There is no explicit mention of FT working on this function. Unless mistaken, I see no other information on FT about ISA wrapped REITs.

Finally, if you go on the FT Roadmap section, you will again see no mention of ISA wrapped REITs.

I hope it is in the pipeline too, but they have not explicitly mentioned it like their other add-ons.

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