Where can I find the full pricing table

Where can I find the full #pricing table on the website. The links always redirect me to Compare our plans | Freetrade
This just is a comparison list for the three account types with their key features, but no additional details “the famous small print”
I would like to find a simple listing of all costs incurred when trading, like #cost for a bank transfer in or out, stamp duty, etc.
I am surprised that a simple PDF document is not readily available as other fintechs provide.
Thanks for any advice how to find it.

There’s no cost for bank transfers

Stamp duty depends on the stock.

UK main stock market shares have 0.5% stamp duty
AIM shares usually have 0% stamp duty, however some stamp duty may still apply on specific AIM shares

There’s Fx on foreign stock either 0.99%, 0.59%, or 0.39% depending on plan

there’s a £17 per stock in-specie transfer out fee for US shares (unless you sell and transfer)

I agree not sure why there isn’t just a document of fees, I feel like there was but the page refers back to its self when saying to see the full table of fees. maybe its needing updated.