Where can I find the full pricing table

Where can I find the full #pricing table on the website. The links always redirect me to Compare our plans | Freetrade
This just is a comparison list for the three account types with their key features, but no additional details “the famous small print”
I would like to find a simple listing of all costs incurred when trading, like #cost for a bank transfer in or out, stamp duty, etc.
I am surprised that a simple PDF document is not readily available as other fintechs provide.
Thanks for any advice how to find it.

There’s no cost for bank transfers

Stamp duty depends on the stock.

UK main stock market shares have 0.5% stamp duty
AIM shares usually have 0% stamp duty, however some stamp duty may still apply on specific AIM shares

There’s Fx on foreign stock either 0.99%, 0.59%, or 0.39% depending on plan

there’s a £17 per stock in-specie transfer out fee for US shares (unless you sell and transfer)

I agree not sure why there isn’t just a document of fees, I feel like there was but the page refers back to its self when saying to see the full table of fees. maybe its needing updated.

I too am finding this issue of pricing not being shown and it is deterring me from signing up for an account, as it feels dodgy.

I appreciate @Eden providing their view, but that’s not an ‘official’ source.

Specifically, I’m looking to find the cost of selling certificated shares via the Freetrade platform, if that is even possible or not.

Hi there @ShowMeTheMoney

Our fees are fairly simple and straightforward. Eden has summarised them properly above. Most of the key fees - account fees, FX fees - are included on the page Compare our plans | Freetrade

As indicated, there is also a fee that we charge for in specie transfers out of US shares. This is a fee charged by the US central securities depositary and we just pass it through to you.

In terms of selling certificated shares that’s something we don’t support at the moment. If you get these converted into dematerialised shares via a custodian, then we could help you transfer them to Freetrade where you’d be able to sell them. There would be a charge to convert the shares to a dematerialised form (and this will vary). If you were to transfer them once they’ve been converted over to Freetrade then our standard charges would apply - no commission fee, an FX fee if shares are denominated in a currency other than GBP - as well as any charges taken by CREST, for example (i.e. Stamp Duty).

Hope that helps clarify things. Sorry we can’t help with this!



FYI, you don’t actually have a simple single fees page or PDF anywhere. This would be really useful. you have a link on the page you linked that says ‘see our fill pricing table’ but it doesn’t go anywhere.

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You’re right. That should go somewhere. Looks like a link got dropped at some point.

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That’s the problem I found, with the links going nowhere or back to the same page (that you linked) that does seem to show what I was looking for.

@acamp thank you for explaining. Is a Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) service the same as ‘converted into dematerialised shares via a custodian’?

That might be somewhat different. Let me DM you for a few more details to see if we can help.


They are just shares a bought in a big plc and have the paper certificates.

Ok that’s fine. If you google “selling certificated shares” you’ll be able to find a number of options. Most will require you to send the shares along with some other forms to them to add them to an online account before you are able to sell. In some cases you can just execute a sell order too, you’ll send off the shares and documents required by Crest and then money will be transferred to you after the transaction settles.

Thanks for that @acamp, but my question was more about your comment about converting them from paper to electronic.

Is a Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) service the same as ‘converted into dematerialised shares via a custodian’?

No. That’s simply a legal entity that holds shares on behalf of a number of individual holders.

A corporate sponsored nominee is a non-trading company that would hold shares on the behalf of many individual shareholders. Companies will set up a nominee like this for employee-shareholders for example. This is a similar concept to how brokers hold customer investments. Freetrade customers hold shares that are pooled in a nominee. Basically the key difference here is that rather than your personal name appearing on a share register (as would happen if you hold certificated shares), your shareholding would be represented under a nominee.

When you convert your shares from certificated form (the transaction that you’re looking to undertake), the “dematerialised” shares following this conversion process will likely be held by a nominee account.