Where have you been Freetrading? 🌏

I’ve been away on some much needed R&R this weekend, but still couldn’t help looking at the markets this morning, and making a few adjustments. It got me wondering what other places people have been using the app, and how their environment has impacted their decisions… I found the tranquility of Lake Bled in :slovenia: a dream for doing some portfolio analysis… what about the rest of you?


Nice idea! @DannyJ might have a photo for us :wink:

That’s a nice hoodie dude!

Strong jawline too! :joy:


I’ve just noticed it’s a mirror of my avatar :joy: I’m not always that serious, honest :grin:

Yes! I can’t claim to have done any trading but I was in the Algarve for a wedding this weekend and obviously packed my Freetrade socks, here’s a little pic by the ocean watching the sun go down last night…


Call that exotic? I set up my account whilst waiting for a hospital appointment and have checked share prices in the Dole office :grin:


I have no one to take sultry and serious pics of me browsing Freetrade very intently, so you’ll have to take my word for it that I’ve been on a massive around the world cruis- no, I joke.
I’ve been Freetrading in bed over a cup of tea. It’s a nice cosy environment, and a consistent location :joy:


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Only in my dreams so far :slightly_frowning_face:


Final trade of the year (buy - Shell) submitted from a freezing Reykjavík :iceland:

Have a very happy new year everyone!


Oh I’d love to go there.

Did you see the northern lights? :heart_eyes:

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It’s awesome here!

No, we were supposed to last night but they cancelled our tour because of bad weather :sob:

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That’s why I never took my wife previously. All the warnings on booking sites about weather meaning it’s not guaranteed made go to Bruges. Only had a weekend. If we’d had a week then it’s easier.

Checking up on my August Statement :denmark: Still have a few mins to post a basic trade too, gotta love timezones! :hourglass_flowing_sand:


Slightly less exotic, but I’m sure there is plenty of FreeTrading on the loo :toilet: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


In the climbing gym with my buddy @judita - I’m jealous of her bottle


I’ve never used freetrade in the climbing gym but I do go a couple of times a week

Although we didn’t put in any transactions, we loaded our apps and then also compared our investment spreadsheets :money_mouth_face:


We’ve spotted a few more international Freetraders recently :earth_asia:

Meaghan in Berlin :de:

Maleek on his way to San Francisco :us:

Hilary in Singapore :singapore:

Share your globetrotting Freetrade sock photos with us, and if you’re stuck in the UK then remember to stay warm this winter! :socks: :snowflake:


Shane in Portugal with no socks :roll_eyes: