Which crowdfunding companies have you invested in?

Thats an awful lot of start ups you must feel like a dragon



Some v good ones there :ok_hand:t3: We have quite a few overlaps. I’m now based here in California and NowRx are growing and expanding very nicely here in CA. CV-19 has certainly helped their model and bring forward demand for it. Their last round was on US based platform called SeedInvest and was heavily subscribed. This could be a big one :dart::rocket: :call_me_hand:t3:


Thanks for reminding me, my card is still unused ( until I can go to Manchester again ) :beers:

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I’ve just put down some money for TrustPortal, with UIPath having a fairly successful exit recently, this area is bound to get more attraction. Some of the answers have also been very positive too and I can see the need for the business.

I hear a lot about RPA and how it can automate a lot of different tasks, it seems to be a hot “buzzword” in tech right now.

Edit: amended TrustPilot to TurstPortal

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Are you sure the company is called TrustPilot ?

I’m guessing it’s Trust Portal who are over funding on CC


Yup. That’s the one. The key to success in this sector is to have not only a killer product, but a good enterprise sales force.

Will take a look for sure, thanks to OP for the heads up.

My bad, yes I meant TrustPortal!

Also haven’t looked into UIPath fully but I reckon in a few months once the share price has become less volatile I’ll probably stick a bit into them too!

Seedrs secondary market open again.
Plum shares up to £29 already all gone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


what’s happened?

They claim > 1m users. Nominal valuation of 30m.

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Any Imagen investors get the email abiut the pre-emption rights. Anyone exercising them to maintain equity?

Yes, received it and actively considering topping up.

HI Camilla

It’s a really well thought out survey. I’ve just completed it, and will be interested to see the results when you complete it :grinning:


Through tears too soon, too soon.


I had the same thought!