Which is the best savings account

Marcus 3.75% instant access (fast pay)

First Direct 7% (£300) 1 year regular saver.

Yorkshire 5.5% (£500) loyalty regular e-saver. 1 year.

Yorkshire Christmas 23 regular e-saver 5%(£300) Finish 1st November Even if you start now.

Nationwide 5.25% (£50) Start to save issue 2
Upto 2 years can take money out with out having to close it down (check if limited amount of withdrawals). I don’t think there is.

Saffron 9% (£50) 1 year regular saver. Edit

NatWest 6% (£150) variable rate. Can take out Money with out having to close it down. Not a 1 year one as you can have savings of up to £5,000. Just moved an account there for the £200.

Skipton Easy Access Saver Issue 2 Monthly (3.15%) this one is so I don’t miss out members only ones, in the future.

When I open an account with a building society. I generally don’t close them down once I have had the deal. Just pay £1 a month in so you count as long term customer.
Most of the money comes from zero interest credit cards spending and balance transfer.
In the case of zero interest spending cards, instead of using cash you use the card and put the equivalent into a savings account.
If possible when it comes to the end of zero interest period, I will move the debt onto a zero interest, no fee balance transfer credit card and continue with savings accounts.
Presently in the process of getting a balance transfer of £9,500 no interest no fee.
Will transfer onto a card with no debt. A card I know will immediately ask if I want the credit paid into my bank account. From there I will put into Marcus and pay it into savings accounts.
I have a £4,000 card to pay off in October and a £9,000 one in April.
Have the money already to pay off the £4,000 one.
It gets complicated after that!
Normally I have an amount equal to all debt in savings…but l put a little bit into shares! Couldn’t help myself!

Saffron 9% (£50) 1 year regular saver. Edit you can make withdrawals from this one.


Good bit of research :+1:

Its also worth keeping old accounts open to benefit your credit score.

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A riskier option for savings.
Loanpad peer to peer. Lower risk than most as the loan to value on property development is around 42% or less.
You could still loose money I assume. Your money is in 50+ loans. Even if you only have a £1,000 or less.

Classic 4.60% almost instant access. Needs to be someone to buy the loan though.
Premium 5.60% 60 day account.

Zopa is what I’ve started using for my “emergency” and liquid cash. It’s great because it has 4 upward-moving tiered interest rates depending on how much notice you are wanting to give: instant; 7 days, 31 days, 95 days.

Only negative - mobile app only. But when you make a withdrawal, money in your other account within less than 5 minutes usually.

You need to supply the interest rates for zopa

A pot for every goal

Access pots



Access money




Boosted pots



7 days’ notice



31 days’ notice



95 days’ notice

Turning into our own mini Martin Lewis :rofl:

Good of you to share your findings :+1:

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Thank you for providing the interest rates, however I do not “need” to do anything! If I’ve only got a short time to write the post, I will point people in the right direction and they can do their own research.


Opps bitchy bitchy!!
True, but i was also in a hurry too. Thats my excuse for being a little thoughtless in my post!

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Nottingham building society
Beehive (it appears you join via this company?)
Regular saver 6%
Doesn’t look like you have to be a member already
£10 to £250 a month ends in July.
Looks like you have to register via the internet site before downloading the app (beehive)

Having looked at this quickly, it appears you would go straight to beehivemoney.co.uk to get this product, if you go to Nottingham BS, it’s only a branch saver. Beehive is in the Nottingham Group though, you are right about that.

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I claim universal as i work full time and pay childcare. Help tp save is the the best with 50p for every pound you put in


Marcus just raised interest rates to 4%.
Instant access. Fastpay.
Very fast pay. There before you finish typing!
Immediate text and email to inform you, you have sent money.
You can only send to a linked account. As far as I can make out you can only have one linked account.

It looks like it has been withdrawn already but worth keeping an eye on Newcastle BS to see if they resume their base rate tracker savings account. Currently at 4.30% and won’t be more than 0.7% below BoE base rate until end of 2025. Instant access. Managed to open one in time.

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Close Brothers had a 6% 1 year fixed. They took it out today. They’re doing 3 and 5 years at 5.95 and 5.7%.

Not to brag, but I opened a Club Lloyds Monthly Saver

Your balance Annual interest
Gross AER
£1+ 6.25% 6.25%

You can save £25 - £400 every month by one standing order. This needs to reach your account before the 25th of the month. You can also make a bank transfer to top up your savings as long as the total amount of your deposits does not exceed the monthly limit of £400. The amount that you save each month can vary but needs to stay between the £25 to £400 monthly limit.
After 12 months you’ll receive your interest and the account will change to a Standard Saver. You can then open a new Club Lloyds Monthly Saver and save for another 12 months. Once you have opened your next Club Lloyds Monthly Saver we’ll send you the sort code and account number. You will need to set up a new standing order to this Club Lloyds Monthly Saver account. This needs to be between £25 and £400 each month. Remember to cancel your old standing order unless you want to keep saving into the Standard Saver.
If you close the account early, you won’t be able to open another one before the first anniversary of opening the first account.

Can I withdraw money?

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Opened mine 6 months ago so only got 5.25% rate


Same unfortunately, but I do like Lloyds and normally have one of the Monthly Saver products annually.

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Mine was in March for reference. I don’t know how much they are offering now. But it was a Club Lloyds account.

I take it you have to have an account with them,?

You have to have a club Lloyds current account, yes.

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