Which products are hoarded?

At the beginning of the lockdown it was toilet paper, hand sanitisers, medicines, pasta, rice, pet care items, and tinned food.

A few weeks in, I wanted to buy a pull up bar, but it was sold out.

A few days ago, I wanted to buy a hair trimmer, same.

Which products do you see out of stock? Can we predict which products will be sold out next?

I think it’s pretty much everything vaguely popular, I went to buy a Nintento switch, was a right hassle. I think it has just as much to do with the lack of manufacturing (especially in asia) as it does with increased buying though.

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Trampolines were out of stock in many online shops that I tried. I did find a few on eBay that we in stock and got one.

Flour, we do a lot of bread and other baking.


Anything people used to use away from home will also have been in high demand. So all gym equipment and coffee etc. Then long life foods from super markets. Will be interesting to see if there is an impact on gyms after lock down ends as people want to still social distance and potentially have more equipment at home so dont need to go…


I don’t know if hoarded. But something that went into demand is Arts and craft both kids and adults - even just basic things like paper and paint. A lot of eBayer’s multiply the usual price x10 - x20.

Usual price


Recent BBC article

Crafts, Home Gym, Wine, Netflix and Boohoo. :smile:


Probably worth thinking about what people are going to rush out and buy or services they will use when shops start to open gradually, the lockdown ends with social distancing rules in place


It leaked some 2-3 weeks ago that orders were 230% up.


A lot of that 230% consists of orders for smart tops and cozy joggers (source) to look good on Zoom calls and be comfortable.

Cheap laptops must have gone up because of homeschooling. I’m not a parent, so someone else might want to chime in.

Video games are up. Entertainment is important during these times.

Down: Coca-Cola sales because distribution channels (pubs) are closed.


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