Which US stocks are πŸ†™ during a sell-off

Some of the many stocks that are in the green so far today.

Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON):

Vir Biotechnology (NASDAQ: VIR):

Iam Gold Corp (NYSE: IAG):

United Therapeutics Corp (NASDAQ: UTHR):

Yuodao :cn: (NYSE: DAO):

  • It’s reporting on Feb. 26.


Got this info very easily from another free stock trading app, Yahoo! Finance, and Google search.


2 notables for me up today are Gilead and Esperion Therapeutics

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Gilead because a world health organisation senior official said that their corona virus should be the focus of attention.

Peloton, by the way, went up because a lockup on sales of Peloton Interactive stock by insiders was lifted today.

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Slack did well today too, Zoom:

FSLR did ok today too.

Had slack on my list for today, went with Square in the end for no other reason than a gut feeling.

$SQ is actually down vs Friday’s closing price.

I think the way Freetrade calculates things has to be revamped. It shouldn’t have passed rigorous QA.

This is Bloomberg:

This is Google:

This is Apple via Yahoo:

Competitors’ apps are also showing the stock is down.


This ^^ . The Freetrade method of basing movement on the opening price and not the previous close appears to cause nothing but confusion ( Slack was down today as well )


It was up 1.23% unfortunately. I think the formula is CurrentClosingPrice/LastClosingPrice - 1 multiplied by 100 for %.

Agreed with this.

Sooner we go closer to live times the better

VTR was up, it is a healthcare REIT

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Healthcare saving me from a world of hurt :ok_hand: if only my cannibus reit was the same. Need to start a rumour the virus can be stopped by cannabis. My phone nearly auto-corrected to cannibalism when I typed cannibus wrong :joy: