Who is likeliest to reach $1trillion market cap 1st? 💸


to me it feels that Microsoft are racing to catch up with AWS, though only started learning Azure recently so will see. But knowing Microsoft they will throw everything at it.

I must admit I have a protein shake for breakfast every day and I love em - chocolate, strawberry, banana and recently a lemon cheesecake one that actually tastes amazing - an tastes better with water rather than milk.

(Tommy Lowe) #22

I’m just not entirely confident any of them will hit 1tn in the near future, these are all just immediate sentiments with no real research behind them so please take them as such…

Apple: despite services flying, slowing device sales (but I think they probably have the best chance out of the 4 of hitting the $1tn mark) Edit: just seen this piece about their expansion into ads due to the slowdown in device sales

Amazon: Trump is desperate to slow them down

Alphabet: just don’t see them going the distance, unless Waymo launches a kickass self driving car platform, but they have done well to take advantage of GDPR off the bat

Microsoft: been on a real roll lately, but can it continue? They own enterprise but have really under performed in the consumer market

Let’s also not forget about Aramco, set to IPO to the tune of $1.5tn (if they can ever sort it out)

(Christopher) #23

“Oh boy, here we go” :ok_hand:t2:

(Tommy Lowe) #24

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(Christopher) #25

@tommy I can relate - I had the best (IMNSHO) Robcop/Robo advisor gif but discourse culled it. Boardroom demo rampage scene :ok_hand:t2:

You make an excellent point re: Aramco Tommy. With the second largest proven oil reserves in the world and oil assets alone worth 10x those of Exxon, even in a world of softening oil prices they are a force to be reckoned with. Question is: London or New York for the listing?!

(Big Boss) #26

I did put Amazon in as most likely… but seems like folks have discounted the possibility that Alibaba or Tencent could be strong contenders!


Very good point… outside of the tech giant focus of the race to a trillion (I left tech giant out of the title as it would have been too long) but nonetheless valid :+1:


For the 1 in 3 Apple :apple: votes, you appear to be aligned with Warren Buffett:



Market discussion running alongside breakfast debate - I love our community

Speaking of, Buffett actually has a McDonald’s sausage McMuffin. With the occasional bowl of choc chip ice cream.


(Alex Sherwood) #31

Well as long as none of their share prices crash I’ll be happy :sweat_smile:

The image from the below tweet.

(Christopher) #32

Worth pointing out that the five cos on the righthand side of the chart don’t represent 50% of the S&P 500, which is what the chart implies. Instead, those top five comprise around 15% of the S&P500.

(Viktor) #33

Important point.

Still, it’s shocking to see the difference in market caps!


@Viktor how long before we see Freetrade joining that group … :sunglasses:

(Viktor) #35

I hope not very long, that’s the ambition! :fire:

(Vladislav Kozub) #36

Financial services do not often get exposed to the highest market cap league. But FTSE 100 is going to happen no matter what.

(Viktor) #37

We think of ourselves as a tech company first and foremost, not financial services. :slight_smile:


Bring it - £3 billion market cap would do me nicely thank you

(Vladislav Kozub) #39

By the time Freetrade will get closer to it, the minimum threshold will certainly be higher.

@Viktor, well, in that case you will need to conquer the entire world of brokerage. We are with you on your quest :muscle:


Facebook is creeping up and up :moneybag: :rocket:

We need the app :sob: