Who is likeliest to reach $1trillion market cap 1st? 💸


I have it at the same as you, they require +4.56% to hit $1 trillion.

Edit - Longer answer:

We need a target of 1000B, and the current market cap according to Google is 956.4B, so to calculate the % increase needed, I did:

((1000 - 956.4) / 956.4) * 100 = 4.55876202426%

This assumes the market cap is right. If the market cap is wrong and the right market cap is 935B as mentioned below, then the % increase needed is:

((1000 - 935) / 935) * 100 = 6.95187165775%

(Dave Smith) #62

Your Maths is OK, however Nasdaq website shows 4915138000 shares outstanding

$1tn/4915138000 = 203.45

(Calum McWhir) #63

“Depends on the diminishing share count but above 204 I think.”

(Vladislav Kozub) #64

Interestingly, then their current market cap is not $956bn but rather $935bn. Do not even know who to trust :sweat:

(Dave Smith) #65

Yeah, either that figure is wrong or the quoted Market cap is wrong. I would have assumed Nasdaq would have it right, but I don’t know for sure

(Christopher) #66

Credit where it’s due…

Sustained iPhone sales in the face of hefty competition and a solid increase in the average selling price (ASP) shows they’ve still got it, not to mention the impressive growth in services, hot on Spotify’s tail and Netflix next with their original content plans? Medium term, given how important hardware remains their margins are likely to take a hammering if the trade war posturing escalates any further.

Short term though, it makes for a compelling proposition. Is there enough fuel in the tank to push it through the $1tn barrier? Apparently there’s a few Facebook investors looking to reallocate their capital which might help matters! :upside_down_face:

(Calum McWhir) #67

Smart money is focused on this, from what I can tell on twitter.


Following the news in the office

(Calum McWhir) #69

“Apple has filed its quarterly 10-Q form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission today, confirming that the company has a total of 4,829,926,000 outstanding shares on the stock market as of July 20, 2018. That’s down from 4,915,138,000 shares three months earlier as Apple has continued to buy back its own stock.”

(Vladislav Kozub) #70

So $207 now. Bezos still has a chance!

(Alex Sherwood) #71



Sounds like that’s based off the old number of shares in circulation. After the latest update on number of outstanding shares, Google has updated the market cap and it stands at 943.61B right now with a share price of $203.29.

(Alex Sherwood) #73

Even Apple’s Stocks app (using Yahoo data) appears to be based on the old number of shares :face_with_raised_eyebrow: perhaps Freetrade can do a better job here too..


By my calculation the new target share price for a $1 trillion market cap is $215.57

Could be wrong though :smile:

(Vladislav Kozub) #75

It is $203.76 as of this second with $945.80 MC.

1000/x=945.80/203.76 -> 1000/x=4.641735 -> x=215.436667

So almost right :sweat_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #76

Hmm CNBC says $207.05 :thinking:

(Chris) #77

Essentially, nobody really knows :joy:


Fair point. I wonder if they’ll make the news with bad data :joy:

(Alex Sherwood) #79

Everyone’s confused! :laughing:

(Dave Smith) #80

If the share price has risen partially through share buy backs (as seems to be the case) the goalposts are moving