Who is likeliest to reach $1trillion market cap 1st? ๐Ÿ’ธ

(Calum McWhir) #101

That happened quicker than I expected! Reminds me a bit of the four minute mile barrier - once the record goes it can be expected to be broken again many times, and surprisingly easily.


And then there was oneโ€ฆ how sentiment has changed :chart_with_downwards_trend::

(Vladislav Kozub) #103

Has anyone expected the following market cap order? :thinking: (Microsoft is now bigger than Apple!)

Wonder who will make it to $1tn this time.


Although Iโ€™ve not thought about it in those terms before I can see a case for it given Microsoft, and Amazon have diverse income streams that are not overly dependent on one product.

Whatโ€™s your thoughts on Amazonโ€™s HQ2 saga?

(Vladislav Kozub) #105

Nice decision that sucked up the most from NY and DC, essentially making the creation of new sites cost-neutral. Not quite ethical but very effective business decision.


Yeah I agree as a pure financial decision itโ€™s great for Amazon for now but when you bring other factors into it then it might prove costly.

(Chris) #107

How long until Freetrade hits the inevitable trillion market cap?