Who won't make it to 2021?

What companies do you think will struggle to survive next year and why?

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Sirius Minerals. Broke, unfinished mine and connection, commercially untested product.


Curve, tiny amount of active users, spending a lot on marketing + referral scheme, impossible for them to become profitable unless they have A LOT more users, don’t really know who their target market is and I think they’ll struggle to increase their MAU.

(Don’t know if thread is for public companies so sorry if it is aha)


Seems like the right place for a report on Zombies

I think there’ll be a few cannabis companies who won’t make the grade. 2018 brought out so many of them. It’s gonna be a M&A or bust year for many in the the sector in my opinion.

I’m still happy with my only canna investment which is IIPR the cannabis REIT. Their lease arrangements range from 10-20yrs and have a 3-4.5% annual rent increase built into the leases


Metro bank!


Can’t see this one myself. I think we’ll be looking at a rather rapid recovery next year. Especially with Bacal only a few percentage points from a takeover.

@simonpoole we need a remindme bot like on Reddit, then we can rub each others faces in this same time next year :wink: