Why are Rize funds only available to Plus customers?

Please can you make the Rize funds available to all customers? It seems odd/arbitrary that some funds are available to everyone but some are only available to Plus customers.

Rize Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF - IE00BLRPQH31

Rize Cybersecurity and Data Privacy UCITS ETF - IE00BJXRZJ40

Rize Education Tech and Digital Learning UCITS ETF - IE00BLRPQJ54

Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences UCITS ETF - IE00BJXRZ273

It’s not arbitrary

All iShares, Vanguard and Invesco ETFs are in the free account, the rest are plus - it’s been like that for a long time.


Hi @Stu1983 welcome to the forum.

It can seem abritary which stocks / ETF’s are free and which require a Plus account. Freetrade have always been clear with which universe each listing is available Pricing

It’s also worth noting that lodging a few £0000 in your account and earning the 3% interest brings the cost of plus down. All that being said £9.99 a month is massively cheaper, I used to pay £8.99 per trade with IG.