Why did you remove the ability to see unread posts from the mobile nav?

Can you please add the link back into the nav for unread posts (from threads you are following)? It was really useful and I used it all the time.

You mean this one? I can still see it

Yes, I mean the one you seem to have on desktop that says “Unread”, this has recently been removed from the mobile nav. I’ll update the title of this thread now.


This is what I now see:

I don’t want “Everything” I just want to see updates to posts I follow.

It’s not available as a filter on the everything page either:

Have you tried changing your default home page in settings under preferences → interface ? Unread should be one of the options

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Thanks, this worked for me - I too had apparently ‘lost’ my Unread setting.

That works thanks, strange that we would have to do it this way but that does work, cheers.