Why I've decided to stop using FreeTrade for now - And what I think can be done better!

If you read the rest of what you yourself quoted, it seems pretty clear that he was suggesting they might have made a decision weighing up the negatives with the positives.

You chose to only focus on the idea that they might make a decision solely for the negative result and completely ignored “in return for a robust execution experience for the majority”.

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ok. I tried to delete my posts. The interface grayed out the Bin icon.

Why delete them? Just try to assume positive intent first going forward! :smiley:


Thank’s @ralf @Sims @jspen I’d started to doubt myself.

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Looks like this is just an echo chamber for people who got upset here.

My prediction is that you will never get a single positive post in that subreddit, even though there are clearly many people happy with Freetrade, because it’s simply not worth anyone’s time hanging out there unless they have an axe to grind.


I’ve seen good contributors on this forum being banned. There’s a link to a video there of someone who was banned and a major contributor to these forums, named Codf. He had the Deep Dives sections.


That was a funny read :joy: First quotes include it is toxic and I got banned! Someone saying that here is toxic on Reddit is bloody ironic :man_facepalming: and if you got banned then you need to ask why, maybe you were the toxic one?

And yes @ralf Reddit is a cesspit and whichever echo chamber you are in just gets reinforced on it.

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I think it’s very easy for any of us to get caught up in this forum bubble, thinking that what we say here might actually represent or reflect what the ‘majority’ of what Freetrade customers want or believe. We get 20 likes on a post and it feels like everyone feels the same way! (or maybe that’s just me :laughing:)

However, it’s often forgotten that members of the forum are just a tiny proportion of Freetrade’s customer base.

This time last year, with 230k customers, there were around 7000 members on the forum, so around 3%. The percentage of ‘active’ forum members will probably be even lower.

With the number of Freetrade customers (at the last count) at around 741k, I can’t see many of those signing up to the forum so us forum users remain a tiny minority, dwarfed by the silent majority, who may or may not share our views.


There’s 14k users here now, so that number has doubled since @adam’s previous post there

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How many are multiple accounts created by banned users? :stuck_out_tongue:


Bloody loads :man_facepalming:


…seems to me that those not knowing the difference between Wikipedia and CH are not the best placed to comment on that sort of topic.