Will live prices happen soon?

Is this something that will happen this new Yr?

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Needs to. Will stop a lot of confusion and arguments.

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Are we talking about LSE prices and the 15 minute rule, or the post 15 minute lag? Both need sorting really.
We get US prices more or less live, certainly much faster than LSE prices.

Doubtful as they mentioned it was costly as it was based on users rather than a company subscription fee

Make it a plus feature

Adam mentioned it costing £4 per user per month for LSE data only… if you’re happy to pay this on top of the £7 per month for Plus already?

Are live prices really needed for an investing app?

Different story if you’re planning to trade (in which case FT isn’t the best for this and neither does it try to be).


Make it a bolt on. Takes away arguments.


a fiver?

Edit: I bet complaints around the name Freetrade and paid for personalised bolt-on features would arise

If you want to day trade its fine. If you are a buy and hold who cares what the accurate price is. Its the best FT can get. Besides if you go to other places you can get live quote. My pension is in HL and I get live quotes there if I want to find out current FT price.

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Quote would be nice I think, id like to see this. Im not as fussed about live prices, as you say its not as important for investing. However limit orders solve this imo, if you’re looking for a live price you’re likely looking for a specific price which can be achieved with limit orders. There’s very few occasions where the price will change so significantly within the 15 minutes that it should make that significant a difference.

But more accurate pricing is always good, I know they plan to improve it in the future.


I would not pay an extra 4 pounds for live prices. There are loads of brokers, where you can get it for free.

I have real time on other brokers, but I dont use it. I just stick with limit orders.