Will the Isa become free?

Just wondering now you have a permiere service, will u remove the charge for an isa! As I believe doing this your clientele will massive go up! This is the only thing that is making me want to move to 212!

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Doubt it, they need to make money from all aspects of the platfrom. They cant expect the users who pay for premium to carry the load for the people who get an ISA account setup and handled for free. End of day everyone will always want something for nothing, I get that, but also…its £3 and month? People spend more on a coffee everyday!


The ISA is included in Plus


And those people are lunatics! For me, I see the £3 charge as an extra incentive to make sure I’m picking the right growth stocks to more than offset that fee and, after all, the bigger my Freetrade balance gets the better value that £3 becomes.

It’s sort of a little gentle nudge to keep me saving and, like you said, £3 is hardly anything.

I bet some people spend more each month on plastic bags in the shops


Exactly its mental what people spend per day on something like a coffee which all adds up end of month, yet some will get bent out of shape for £3 per month!? You add up what you spend on that per month and thats some more stock you could have bought to make you some extra cash.

Which also means from something like dividends that £3 has already paid for itself!


I’d rather have an extra coffee


This is a matter of expectations and every time FT gives something it’s not long before people inevitably ask for what the next ‘give’ is.

Instant orders were once £1, but you don’t see the forums littered with posts retrospectively thanking them for removing that charge of their own accord and celebrating what a generous decision that was. The moment FT removes the £3 ISA, it will be left in the past and the next expectation will be just around the corner, and if FT agreed to it every time they would sleepwalk into a business model that isn’t viable. As previous posts have mentioned, £3 per month (equivalent to a couple of takeaway coffees) for an ISA account with no other fees to use the service is a pretty damn good offering.


Ultimately, if you have a portfolio large enough you need to shelter gains exceeding £12k a year (or nearing that), £3 a month is peanuts.
Just because there’s another broker with a free ISA doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow suit.
I expect the people complaining here are also calling HL and asking when the 0.45% annual fee and £12 trading fees are going to scrapped? Dreamers!


You keep buying those coffees, I’ll keep buying those Starbucks shares :wink:


You mean paying for ISA, not the Starbucks shares

You’re about two days too late with that response :wink:


Uhh, I didn’t know there was an expiry date :thinking:

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