Will you do Due Diligence?

Is anyone planning on doing their own DD on their investment picks or is it going to be gut feeling and companies you like?

Would it be worth setting up a DD category for the forum to discuss picks?

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I think everyone should be doing their own DD - the choices you make now you might be living with for several years!

But depending on how experienced you are this might take several forms, and scouting insight on these forums could be one way.

Personally I subscribe to the (no doubt controversial) view that you’re unlikely to beat the market by picking individual stocks and timing trades. Better to invest little and often across multiple investments to benefit from cost-averaging and diversification.


It would probably be too hasty to categorise everything at the early stage.

Although it would certainly be interesting to see if people do securities’ analysis and post it for the public to see and make their own conclusions - as long as the policy of ‘do not advise people to buy something’ is not being breached.

I would probably write one to start with and believe it would sit well in ‘investing and markets chat’

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