WiMi Hologram Cloud (WIMI)

WIMI opened up 5% and closed up 8% on this Friday.

Antiprohense Research: WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD Attract More and More Attention of the Capital.

The stock is still mostly in the box.

WiMi Wins Annual Award for Leading Sci-tech Innovation Company at the 2020 International Sci-tech Innovation Festival.

Flipclutch Research: AR promotes industrial progress, WIMI Hologram and other AR companies promote smart manufacturing

Flipclutch Research: The feast of Hologram hits, what kind of visual experience does WIMI Hologram bring


With so much good news for WIMI, when will WIMI take off?

Expect WIMI’s share price to double in the New Year.

WiMi Obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for its Hologram Soft Light Cinema Headset.

Flipclutch Research: The new AR filter feature is coming soon, How is WMI performing in the AR market.

WIMI went up 10% yesterday, but the price is still too low.It’s a long way from the $8.

WIMI was first rated with a target price of $8, and Hologram Soft Light Cinema Mously should soon debut. More and more wonderful things are about to happen.

WiMi Obtains Patent for New 3D Holographic Pulse Laser Processing Device to Further Advance the Application of Holographic Technology in EV Autonomous Driving and Other EV Areas.

It was up 40 percent at its peak that day, but…

WiMi Wins 2020 Award for Leadership in Computer Vision Holographic Cloud Services

From 6.5 to 8.5, WIMI has been up 30% this week.

Flipclutch Research: The AR/VR market is increasing year by year, WIMI and other companies accelerate their development to meet the AR outbreak period

WIMI8.670.10 (1.17%)

Pre-Market0.97 (11.19%)

Updated Jan 26, 2021 8:37 AM