Winkworth WINK

This estate agent is based in the UK and operates in residential and property management. It has over 90 outlets in the UK.

Hi , can I just register my frustration at not buying WINK shares at£1.91 despite putting a limit buy for that price the better part of an hour before the price changed from 1.91 to 2.00.

I realise it is 15 minutes behind, so I checked on another real time site that it was still 1.91 when I put the bid in place. Checked that it remained that price for some considerable time after.

Noted that the price was refreshed without changing on Freetrade.

Hoped that my bid might be noticed, but no

Oddly yesterday when I put in a limit bid for the shown price of 1.96 it was snapped up and I had bought the shares by the time the bid process finished.

I’m not saying anything about anything except how darned frustrating and annoying it is when this happen
I should know better than to rely on your algorithms by now, they’re not reliable.
I should have just put in a straight bid and risked being overcharged
But that’s a different sort of frustration :rofl:

Hi @Stroppytwat5

Please drop us an email at and we can check it out.

A bit more info here on limit orders, too.

Have you looked into what bid and offer are? The prices displayed could be the bid or the offer depending on what trades or even the mid. I think this will explain what happened here and you’re right just pay the offer if you want to make sure you get in, but you won’t be “overcharged” FT always get you the best price, without exception. What you might be looking at is the bid, but when you hit buy you pay the offer (which is always above the bid or the mid) :slight_smile: