The numbers on the face of it are more impressive than the biggest Fintechs in the UK, but something doesn’t sit well with me here. I don’t understand how they derived £315 million of revenue. I’m giving this one a wide berth, but would be interested to hear other people’s thoughts.


I was one of their very very early users, they were almost invisible… anyway i stopped using their products and the card. Not for me, not for my taste and not for my needs. And the share price is ridiculous.

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I too stopped using their cards and accounts. I was a very early user. I felt it was a poor UX to start but it did improve.

I signed up to the Crowdcube offering and upon further examination lost all interest.

UK is probably the best in the world in terms of developing fintechs on a per capita basis, but that also increases chance of market saturation.


Wide berth for me also (gut feeling)

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If I see one more “we want to give our users a chance to invest” campaigns I’ll cry :o)

Really makes me worry that there is a bit of a mess in their finances and with the preferential A & B shares, I worry about what crowdfund investors would actually get back.