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Has anyone else received this email?
I think we can all see where they are going with this and personally being able to invest in and hold different currencies is a huge deal for me so this is very exciting.
I know it will probably take a couple of years to establish a very good offering but given I was on the fence on buying Wise shares I am definitely diving in now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I haven’t received one yet.

Now that is interesting. I am also eligible for the share scheme since last week (just after I made a transfer so I think the scheme is triggered when you make a transfer). I am a bit reluctant because of the price, £10 is a really high price for essentially a moneytransfer service. But if they will offer stock trading, that might increase their revenue. I would probably stay with Freetrade but if I move out of the UK and there is no European expansion, Wise would be a welcome alternative.


They’re not just a money transfer service anymore, there’s a lot of people using their banking option a lot and getting paid there. They provide bank details for a couple of countries, UK, US, Canada, and this is really good for example if you qork abroad but want to facilitate getting paid in another Currency also they have a business account option which is also used quite a lot. All I am saying they’re long past “money trasnfer service” maybe that’s the most obvious one though :man_shrugging:t2:. But it would be amazing if they could provide maybe access to certain stocks that are not provided typically on T212 or even Freetrade. I used to see some ETFs, and dividend stocks I see mentioned a lot in Reddit but not typically accessible from the UK


I have used TransferWise for more than a year.

It’s allowed me to get paid in the US and AU for freelance work, and I can spend from it when travelling, and exchanging currency.

It is incredibly convenient. The card goes in Apple Wallet.

Their support has been better than Revolut (not hard), and Wise have excelled with what they do.

The two best fintechs I’ve had the pleasure of using have been Freetrade & TransferWise (Wise). Curve get an honourable mention.

Of course, I still have a real bank for my savings. If Wise got a banking licence and was covered by the FSA for deposits, reported to credit ref agencies, then I could consider moving to them for nearly everything else.


transferwise invest feature


Having been sent the email well before it made news headlines this now feels like insider trading given the stock has somewhat surged based on these news😄


Price slipping over the last week. Anyone got thoughts on this?

Probably the market reacting to this news story: Billionaire Wise founder could face FCA sanctions after tax violation

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It’s still pretty expensive anyway

What’s happening with the stock price taking a dive? Any news?

Nothing in particular for WISE.
Other US tech/growth stocks were hit yesterday too. Inflation expectations affect companies with larger cashflows deep into the future.
It could be a good entry point.


I alway buy the dip, still hopeful

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Is there anything else happening with Wise, other than the founder’s tax issue?

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That’s from a couple weeks ago and was flagged a few posts above.

Let’s wait and see…

Wtf is going on with WISE today? An 8% drop??

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Not much news, but I reckon the big drops recently could be down to earnings release coming up in a few days. The share price itself is already overvalued so it could just be shareholders selling before a potential correction.


Bloomberg) --Wise shares extend losses from Monday, fall as much as 8.5%, after three clearing houses said they were working with major European and U.S. banks to make cross-border payments as fast as domestic payment options.
EBA Clearing, SWIFT and The Clearing House said Monday they were working on the proof-of-concept of “Immediate Cross-Border Payments (IXB)” with the support of banks including Bank of America, BBVA Group, Citi, HSBC
Wise makes bulk of its revenue from taking a cut in fast cross-border payments
User base may be eroded if faster cross-border payments are available from banks


AHH that makes more sense. Wise will have to diversify fast. I still think the app is way better and more transparent than banks will

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