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Wise are still growing quickly, see their last trading update above - Wise 💰➡️🌍 - £WISE - Share chat - #224 by Han

They are still a growth stock, unlike most incumbent financial services, who are steady state dividend cows.

Wise are focused on doing one thing very well - foreign exchange, which is a profit centre for banks. They are not going after the unprofitable bloat that might come with other financial services.

Reading their reports, they measure the right metrics (not just vanity ones). I’m pretty confident that they will continue growing at a similar pace for several years. I don’t know if this is the bottom for their share price, but my time horizon measured in the years, and I’m sure they’ll outperform the broader market.


Stock loss 62% omg this is a terrible stock

I think wise is a great company, and I say that as someone also sitting on a big loss. IMO it was over valued at IPO and as a result is suffering way more than the broader market. When I’m feeling a bit more clear about the general macro trends in the market I’ll be looking to buy more.


I think wise did a good job. Look other fintech business like PayPal. Most of similar businesses lost over 70%. Don’t forget Wise just ipo last year. I don’t think wise can do better due to existing high inflation condition.

Im going to watch and wait

I am waiting till the 7th July, wise will have been trading 12 months. Results should be fair to good, banks will not be happy.

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Although Wise was listed in the LSE last year, the company has been trading since 2011. Their latest trading update can be found in their website.