Withrawing funds


Does anyone know how many working days it takes for funds to transfer from FT to your bank? Is there a general amount of time?

Many thanks.

3-5 days.

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3-5 if it’s settled cash, if not, then another two days to sell your holding to turn it into cash.

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So if i sell my holding today (Monday) and withdraw today, then anywhere between Wednesday and Friday?

No. Sell today, cash should arrive on Wednesday morning, then 3-5 days, so between Monday-Wednesday next week the cash should arrive back in your bank account.

I’m not sure if it’s any quicker if the bank account is through open banking or not.

What a pain…Many thanks for the info though.

Standard in the industry I’m afraid. Settlement of shares the same for everyone

While we’re here, anyone know how long it takes for the in-chat support to transfer funds from a GIA to an ISA? I stupidly bought all of my shares in my GIA and now having to painstakingly sell each individual holding to transfer over…

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Welcome to my world…That’s why i asked about the withdrawal time. :relaxed:

I started this process last Monday:

  • Sold shares in my GIA at 0910 on Monday 1st February
  • Wednesday at 10am I contacted support as the funds hadn’t arrived and I asked what I then had to do to move the funds when they did settle to my ISA
  • Wednesday before noon, the settled funds arrived
  • Still no response from Freetrade to my in app support request
  • No response to me tagging support staff in the forum
  • No response to a new topic when I asked for a realistic estimate of support response times

That’s with me being a Plus member.

That’s shockingly bad.

At least Trading 212 had the class to stop taking new customers when they couldn’t handle the back log.

That’s awful. I really hope I don’t have the same experience.

I would just like to use the app even once without it crashing.