Won’t let me login

I tried to login in on the app earlier and I was logged out and now I can’t log back in this is on the android app I’ve tried re installing it but no joy.

What stage is it failing at? The email address must be the one you signed up with as it will then send you a link to log in with.

The email is correct and I get thought all the stages but it then say can’t verify account despite it being fine as of last night

What stages are you going though? What exactly are you seeing?

I go though entertaining your name,dob,address and nationality and it asks me to choose account type I chose the free one gia it then says couldn’t create your account despite I already have an account with that email. And I’ve already brought shares

If you already have an account, you should not be seeing that.

With a clean install of the app, the first thing it should ask is your email address. It will then send an email to that email account. When you open it, there will be a link allowing to sign into your account (it will prompt you to enter a new pin).

Delete the app cache and the storage for it and start again. Check the email used again. Do you have more than one email address you use? The email address used for the app and this forum can be completely separate (there is no link). Search for any emails ending in freetrade.io to check, did any of your shares pay out dividends for example?

It now appears to be stuck on creating your account on my mobile app

As mentioned above, it appears you are selecting the option to open an account when you already have one. You need to select that you already have an account and login.

If you are clicking login and not sign up, then check you are using the same email address as you signed up with.

How do you select that you already have an account on the app?

You just enter the email address you signed up to freetrade with (needs to match exactly, check any previous emails you have received and ensure you’re using the correct one)

You’ll then get sent an email to login which, when you click on the link, should take you back to the app - check your spam folder etc. if you don’t see the email.

I’ve just tested this and it works fine for me on the latest version of the app from the play store, make sure you’ve installed the latest version available in case there were any problems with older version.

Will give it a go

Hello. I’m having this exact same issue.

I registered, picked the free GIA account, went into the deposit section and copied the details so I could transfer some money from my bank account. After returning to the freebase app it prompted me to enter my PIN again, and took me through the sign up process all over again, this time getting stuck on creating the account.

I’ve deleted the app, it’s storage and cache, reinstalled it and tried again multiple times. Each time I enter my email address, click on the ‘Log into freetrade’ email I receive, and it once again tries to take me through the sign up process again.

I’m completely stuck, and I’ve no idea if the money I’ve deposited even made it to the account. I can no longer get into my account so there is no way for me to use the in-app help chat.

Same here. No one replying to emails, makes you wonder if this is a legit company/site

You need to use the email address you signed up for the account which may not necessarily be the one you are using for this forum.

On a clean install of the app, all you need to do it enter in the email address that you signed up for your freetrade account will and it will email the magic link to login to you, no login details needed.

My account was accidentally deleted but it’s been fixed now the response from Freetrade themselves is a bit slow but they will get back to you

Having the same issue, logged in 2 days ago with no problems and today the app is making me go through the sign up process. Any reason for this?

They had clossed my account that was my error so I would try and reach out to them to see if your having the Sam problem