Working out dividend payout?

Hopefully, someone can confirm if I am doing this correctly. I am trying to work out my dividend for the year. This is how I have done it.

  1. found out how often my dividend is paid out
  2. found the yield of that dividend
  3. used the following formula for D. Payout. =( current price * d. yield) * number of shares) * how many times they’re paid out.

So an example would be for VWRL which is quarterly.

= ( 68.50 * 1.98% ) * 35 * 4

if this is wrong, or there is a better way please do let me know.

Surely that should be /4 not *4

LOL yup my bad! just read the div yeild is for the year oops…but apart from that I think it’s all good?

Yep looks like it will do the job.