Wrong Share price

Any one got any issues with Immutep share price? the price is wrong, I wish it wasn’t.

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Showing as $3.29 on my app? Is that not correct?

I’ve got a similar issue with $cciv… 800% up today :wink:

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It’s now corrected, it was up 500%!

Me with $BTWN first was ~70% down, a few moments later ~760% up.

same here with $CRHC Cohn Robbins up to 300%, down to -100% all in 3 seconds, seems to be back to normal now


Bad data from IEX?

Atom finance app seem to have the same issue

@sampoullain data provider issue?

Just got an in-app message saying trading halted for US stocks while the technical issue is investigated.

How will we know when trading resumes? Same in-app message? Can we also get an update on forum here so that don’t need to constantly check the app?

HL are reporting issues with US orders too

Had this for a minute as well.

This is ongoing in different stocks, my portfolio value is jumping up and down

Hi All,

We’re really sorry about the issues you’re seeing here. Unfortunately we’re experiencing a problem with the pricing data we’re receiving from our partner provider and have had to pause trading on US markets until this has stabilised.

As soon as we’re certain that pricing is being reflected correctly in-app, we will resume US trading and we will of course reach out to inform customers in-app.

Thank you so much for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. :pray:

The USA stock market is closed :roll_eyes: I can’t trade why :eyes::eyes::eyes: loosing money already. What is the alternative

Did you not read the above message?


Great article that would resolve any time disputes with all financial services(Yes I have invested in Hoptroff)

Had the same problem with ION Geog. Went from approx $2 to $499 shame it wasn’t right :hugs:

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