Your Device Appears To Be Uncertified By Google

(Andrew Gaw) #1

Hey FT Team,

So I downloaded the update and launched only to be confronted with a Purple screen and the following Yellow message:

“Your device appears to be uncertified by Google. If you have rooted your device or installed a custom OS please remove the changes to continue using Freetrade on this device”.

Phone: Samsung S8+
OS: Android Pie

My device is not rooted however, I believe the bootloader is unlocked in order to use the Play Store app - Bixbi Button Remapper as efficiently as possible. I cannot find a solution to locking the bootloader without wiping or bricking my phone. Surely, if I can use AMEX, Barclays, LLoyds, and other banking or investment apps, I can use Freetrade without issue? Can you advise whether you will be rectifying the bootloader checks or a feasible workaround?



(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hey Andrew,

I’m sorry to hear that your device has become uncertified. I wish we could be more help but we do require certification at the moment as a security precaution & that’s controlled by Google. So perhaps their support team can help you find a way to re-certify your device.