Your Device Appears To Be Uncertified By Google

Hey FT Team,

So I downloaded the update and launched only to be confronted with a Purple screen and the following Yellow message:

“Your device appears to be uncertified by Google. If you have rooted your device or installed a custom OS please remove the changes to continue using Freetrade on this device”.

Phone: Samsung S8+
OS: Android Pie

My device is not rooted however, I believe the bootloader is unlocked in order to use the Play Store app - Bixbi Button Remapper as efficiently as possible. I cannot find a solution to locking the bootloader without wiping or bricking my phone. Surely, if I can use AMEX, Barclays, LLoyds, and other banking or investment apps, I can use Freetrade without issue? Can you advise whether you will be rectifying the bootloader checks or a feasible workaround?


Hey Andrew,

I’m sorry to hear that your device has become uncertified. I wish we could be more help but we do require certification at the moment as a security precaution & that’s controlled by Google. So perhaps their support team can help you find a way to re-certify your device.

Hey @StealtyPingu. There are two things we currently check for using Googles SafetyNet ( CTS certification and basic device integrity. The former is more strict and requires the device to pass a number of validation steps with Google. The latter is more lenient and identifies if the device has been tampered with in some way. With our Android release next week we’ll be removing the CTS certification check. This will allow more of our customer to access the app whilst still ensuring the device adheres to Googles basic integrity checks.

You can use if you’d like the check the status on your device to see if it will work after the release.