Your device's intergrity cannot be confirmed and it is not safe to run Freetrade on this device

Hi all, I’ve been using Freetrade on my Samsung S8+ for the past 2 weeks and getting into learning about stock. I’ve withdrawn some money from my bank and put it on the app.

As of today I’ve got this error after I log in with my pin.

Your device’s intergrity cannot be confirmed and it is not safe to run Freetrade on this device.

Keep in mind I was able to use the app yesterday with no problem. I have not updated anything in my googlestore or phone or etc. My phone has always been rooted but I don’t understand why it would work for 2 weeks then not.

Any help is appreciated.


A lot of financial apps block rooted devices.

I got that this evening as well for the first time. Just closing / reopening the application has seemed to resolve it.

I tried closing it, restarting my phone etc but still as soon as I enter my pin I get the same error.

I know that a lot of banking/financial apps are blocked on rooted device but as I stated, it was working fine for two weeks and nothing on my phone has changed/updated.

Maybe FT updated their root checks.

I’m absolutely lost at the last two posts.

As I’ve said my phone was rooted WAY before I downloaded Freetrade. It was running fine until last night. Is there way to confirm root checks were coincidentally introduced last night? Normally I wouldn’t make a fuss but as transferred some money to my Freetrade account, I would like to at least get that money back to my bank.

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Might be worth firing an email over to

I’ve got this too, i tried uninstalling/reinstalling but when I went to reinstall the play store said my device wasn’t compatible with this version.