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Made a new post for the 4% rule around the early retirement and why I am not a big fan of it.
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Dividend payouts are no more guaranteed than growth. A company can choose to send out its net profits as dividends, or to reinvest to grow the value of the company, or do a mixture. What is relevant for FIRE is total gains.

The main difference between the 2 from an investors point of view is the tax situation. If you don’t have all your investment in an ISA, then you’ll lose more of your gain due to tax with dividend paying stocks compared to growth stocks.


It is a matter of an approach I would say, there is not neccesarily a right or wrong strategy here. It is just I find it easier to value, track and project the dividend income.


Sure, but most of your blog post is about why you fear 4% may not be enough, due to an extended and unprecedented downturn. The 4% rule would still apply for a dividend investor, and if you don’t believe in it for growth stocks, there’s no reason you should believe in it for dividend stocks.

So if you don’t trust it, I hope you plan to invest enough that you can live off 3, or 2 or 1%, or whatever you do believe to be safe. Imagine your own worst case for growth stocks, then imagine your dividend stocks having their dividends cut by the same amount.


The probability of a company cutting their dividend by 50% and a company dropping by 50% in price is not the same if that is what your are implying. Any company in the world at some point goes down in value by 50% for one reason or another and that doesnt even have to do with an economic downturn. Also there are companies who have gone through things like the great depression or the world wars, but still kept paying dividends.
What I am trying to say is that a company’s dividend depends on their bussines, while a company’s share price depends on sentiment, atleast in the short run. Of course in the long run that evens out, but in any given 2-3 year period anyone’s portfolio can be down lets say 50%.
I hope you understand what do I mean. Again I am not saying that my method is right or wrong, but it is how I feel more comfortable.

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Good morning guys, made a post about some of the lessons we can learn from the very long investing career of Warren Buffett- the greatest investor of all time.
For anyone interested:

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Had a look around your blog - very good stuff. Easy to navigate and read, and nice menu at the top.

I am also a UK blogger, blogging about personal finance, investing and financial freedom! Keep up the good work mate :muscle:


Thanks a lot for these words. Recently started doing it and I am figuring things out as I go, glad you like it.

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Good evening guys, just made a little guide for dividend stocks to anyone that is interested :
If there is something that you want to know about dividend stocks let me know I am going to add it to the article.


Just made an article about the sugar and what effect it can have on our lifes.
For anyone interested -

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Good evening guys, made an article about REITs, anyone interested can take a look
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Evening guys, just finished my article on some of the mistakes in the stock market to look out for as a beginner. Have a little mention of Freetrade in the article as well.
For anyone that wants to have a read -

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Hi guys, just finished my portfolio review for April. For Anyone interested to take a look here it is :


Good evening guys, I’ve finished my most extensive article so far on how to build a portfolio. It includes everything I could think of - methods of diversification, different tips, different approaches, looking through some example portfolios and more.
If anyone fancy having a read :

This blog is a work in progress so if there is anything that you don’t like, anything that you want to see, anything that you want to know etc. let me know I am happy to help


Finished my latest article - a step by step guide to financial freedom. It is a guide that includes what is financial freedom, different ways and how to reach it and different ways to make passive income. Hope you like it


If you’re going to recommend things like Profit Accumulator, I’d add a warning. I guess that free bets are there to get customers sucked in so maybe it’s a risky strategy for a recommendation?


Yes I see your point. I have added a disclaimer that it should not be used by people who get hooked easily or have a problem with gambilng. Still if you are a reasonable person who doesn’t bet and have a good discipline you can make some decent money on the side. Sorry if it comes on like this, my intent is not to encourage anyone to bet or gamble and this is not the idea of the service. Thank you for your feedback, that is a good point.


Unfortunately you won’t know this until it’s too late.

(Kenny Grant) #39

I really think you should remove all references to gambling if you’re talking about saving or investing.

Gambling shops are designed to extract money from the vulnerable and hopeless, and those free offers you mention have a sole purpose - to get people hooked on gambling. Avoid at all costs, even if it seems to make you a little money at first, that loss-leader was calculated to draw in people with the promise of easy gains (perhaps you can avoid it for a while, or forever, others won’t). You don’t want to lead someone into a life of debt, even if you can avoid the temptation.

My steps to freedom:

  1. Save Money
  2. Invest Money
  3. Don’t lose money

Over 10-20 years most people can save enough to make their money start to work for them, but it’s a long road, there are no shortcuts. No complex strategy is required, just keep saving in something relatively diversified, and wait for the money to accumulate and start compounding.


I agree with that.

Though to be fair to Geo0rgi, I signed up at trading212 to get a free share and then sold it and never return without being persuaded to open a margin account, so maybe I’ve similarly gamed a system designed to capture me…