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Please add Zoetis.

I would like to see this on Freetrade. The pet sector is one that is traditional thought to be more resilient in a recession. This is worth a read:

I agree with the Motley Fool that this looks expensive. It’d be good to have this available should there be a pull back.

Some numbers of interest to me. Market Cap at time of posting ~$66.158B

Page 11:

Adjusted net income $1,720 to $1,745m
Operational growth 11% to 14%

Page 1:

Income before provision for taxes on income
Nine Months Ended September 30, 2019: $1,364m
Balance sheet

and page 3:

Total liabilities $8,594
Total assets $11,272m
Assets includes these two, which I’d want to understand more about.

Goodwill $2,550m
Identifiable intangible assets, less accumulated amortization $1,935m