Zoom AMA #1: Freetrade Founder & CEO Adam :freetrade:

Should setup a Freetrade Discord server - would be great for this :slightly_smiling_face:


8 PM on Thursday, the 2nd April it is! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on video!


There already is one.


Will this happen on discord or a different platform?

Fake news. We will do it on Zoom.

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See you at 8pm!

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Will you guys share a link or something?

Yes, in the first post, before it starts

Hello Victor,

Should we post questions here or we can shoot them live? Will the session be recorded?

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Both work! Do post here if you’d like.

It won’t be, but we’ll see how this new format goes, and future virtual meetups might be.

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Questions from Twitter.

I am sure everyone will be asking for updates on features so will not get there.

Main question from me is around resources: we are aware that you are looking to expand your team for some time now, specifically engineering, so that you can start landing more features faster.

What is the progress on this and how are you looking to navigate this around the corona situation? Do you still have recruitment issues?

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Is the coronovirus hampering development and progress of freetrade? I expect most work can be done remotely but wondered if any delays or problems might be more from sources outside your control (I.e regulators etc).

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Hey Adam - Give us an exclusive. What’s the most exciting thing in the Pipeline which is yet to be announced?


When will we have Tencent and Asian exchanges?



I’d be interested in:

  • changes in investment volume since covid-19 outbreak started
  • Latest on employee numbers & any recent changes
  • 3 new features that are coming the soonest

:slight_smile: thanks, looking forward to it!


Hey Adam

I understand that you used to be an accountant working at KPMG - I’m an accountant myself so I thought it would be interesting to have an insight on how you went from working at one of the big 4 accountancy firms to co-founding Freetrade?

Keep up the great work and looking forward to fractionals and 250 US stocks being added soon! :slight_smile:


Any updates on: 1) more accurate charts and % changes to reflect after-hours trading; and 2) what can be done about USD/GBP FX conversion charges per trade would be appreciated. A new Aussie competitor and a neo-bank unicorn are both offering USD accounts to overcome the issues with the FX risks, while none of the providers have issues with the former.

More context in the thread below:

Cheers :+1:

  • Are you putting the same effort into adding ETFs as you are for individual equities. ETFs that compete with ishares and Vanguard, such as Lyxor, Amundi, Wisdom Tree etc.

Thanks :smiley:

Less than 5 min to go - any more questions my friends?