Zoom AMA #2: Freetrade Co-founder & CMO Viktor Nebehaj :freetrade:

What is freetrade’s AUA?

When will freetrade launch in continental Europe?

How many employees are there at freetrade right now? What is staff turnover at the moment?

thanks for doing this!


Please clarify:

  1. User & Asset growth - What Advertising and Marketing strategy/campaigns do Freetrade intend to undertake over the rest of 2020 in order to grow the customer base since competitors seem more aggressive in acquiring users.

  2. European expansion - is this being held until EUR accounts and/or European shares are available? An update on the timeline for the initial and remaining EU markets would be appreciated. Any plans for the rest of the world expansion?

  3. Other services/products - Update on plans for SIPPs and other ISA type (Lifetime, Junior)? Any other alternative services for EU countries?

  4. Freetrade staff size - what size do you see the company being at the end of 2020.



What are other possible revenue streams, excluding account subscriptions, treasury income and FX?

  • What is the process for listing your beneficiaries (in the event of death), it is much easier to do on platforms like HL. Could this be simplified in-app.

  • What would happen in the event of FT going insolvent?


Do you plan on adding an affiliate program?

Also how far away would a proper Ipad support be?

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Which third-parties does Freetrade depend on right now? Which dependencies do you plan to remove and how do you plan to remove them?


My 13 year old bro and 11 year old sis love the app when I show them.

Will there be a Junior ISA option built?

Also will a API integration with simplywall.st come soon?


How are the launches in Ireland & the Netherlands going?
When’s a full roll-out expected in these countries?
Are there any country-specific requirements that could slow product adoption / stickiness in these countries (eg. implementing the local equivalent of an ISA account)?


First of all, congrats on the most recent traction in terms of news users.

Question - what’s the realistic timing to add “thousands of US stocks”? Many thanks.

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Hi Victor,

Do you intend to add a “sophisticated investor” mode, allowing derivatives trading?

I understand you want to discourage short term trading and speculation, but an option contract would be good for hedging risk for a long term investor who knows what he’s doing.


Can someone please let me know what the link is for tonights zoom meeting?

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Check back here tonight, we’ll make sure it’s clearly signposted :slight_smile:

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As a noob to zoom I have found you need to use chrome to use it through the browser only rather than download it ( which seems to be necessary with Microsoft edge etc) Better informed techies will, I am sure, correct me if this is wrong

What proportion of your customers have taken up your ISA offering?

Do you have any plans to offer a SIPP?

Is there any possibility to offer a competitive savings account for uninvested cash (as I believe one or two US apps do?).

Finally do you have any plans in the future to offer top European (ex-U.K.) shares to trade?


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Questions 2 and 4 can be answered by looking at the open roadmap that freetrade provides. Yes and yes.

Simon - just to be clear, are we having another AMA tonight 16 April? (Note to convener - may be an idea next time to stick a date in the subject title…?)

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They did until today where it was changed from April 16th to Tonight. Check the edits :slight_smile:

Yes it is tonight


ooops … no worries - will be there. Thanks

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What are the top 3 impacts that Series a funding has made to FT in terms of strategy and execution? What are the main consideration for choosing your series b partner?


Has Draper Esprit been providing any kind of support apart from the money in exchange for an equity stake in the company and a few tweets? Have they done anything significant to the point we want to praise them? In case of affirmative answer, please elaborate.
In case of negative answer how would Freetrade like them to engage, if at all?

PS: I’m not implying their monetary contribution alone isn’t important. The above comes from a good place