City of London Investment Trust plc CTY

An asset management group that specialises in emerging market closed-end fund investment.

The Company’s objective is to provide long-term growth in income and capital, principally by investment in equities listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Board continues to recognise the importance of dividend income to shareholders.

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Yes we added CTY earlier today :tada:

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There’s a few more stocks & ETFs in the app too this week.

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Definitely a really popular pick for dividend investors

I’m thinking of making a (very small, shoestring budget over here!) regular investment into this fund to run alongside a few individual stock picks. I mean small too, I currently have £20 invested across 3 various stocks with the plan to up it as I go but I’ve been looking for a solid, low cost trust/fund too and I think this is my pick.

Anything anyone can say on that either way before Monday market opening?

Morningstar Research:

Role in Portfolio
The trust provides investors with core UK equity-income exposure. It offers the prospect of longer-term growth in capital and income; its dividend has been raised for north of 50 consecutive years. The manager’s cautious approach and focus on limiting downside risk makes it especially suitable for investors with lower tolerance for risk, although they should still broadly expect equity volatility.

I’d say this is one of the “safe” trusts around.

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Just had a look at this trust. Looks like they got around £0.7 to go back to pre pandemic levels. Pay dividend twice a year. 0.09 & 0.18 approximately.

Ofc if we think about what will brexit do to it in a long run… im not sure about it, or how far will the effect go to be fair.

If you looking for growth i dont think this stock will grow that much, looking at its history its just running in the same price range. The only growth i can see is pre pandemic levels. So 0.7 per share upwards!

If you looking for dividend, that is definetly one of the stocks to get. It has a nice 4.9% dividend yearly at current price!

Im actually happe i noticed this, i will for sure get 10-20 shares when the monday comes :smiley:


I did wonder that though I’ve read there’s been some share dilution over the past year so that will have impacted share price. It’s a risk to take definitely as to whether or not that will continue but if not it could mean more growth.

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Just remember that i literally just had a quick look at them so dont take it as investment advice.

Share dilution sometimes might drop the price but if its done correctly it will be used for growth!

From what i seen it still have a way to go to pre pandemic levels and the dividend is solid. So its a green light for me at least now!

I do need to dig deeper to this! :smiley:

In that case here’s (tentatively) to Monday morning!

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I was reading a discussion today on another board. People were saying capital performance is inadequate and investors can’t see how long the dividends can continue to increase sustainably with the current portfolio.


Because CTY is a trust, will there be any automatic taxing on dividends?

I ask because I had got taxed when I invested into a UK property tax some months ago. I hadn’t read the small print. I am still looking for the small print in the case of CTY

I believe that you pay tax on dividends in the same way as you do if you owned shares of a UK listed company.
ITs don’t pay corporation tax on distributions so there is no double taxation

Thanks for suggesting an answer.

On a UK REIT 20% tax is deducted at source on coupon payments because they don’t pay CT.

Why could tax deducted at source (e.g deducted by Freetrade like they do on UK REIT and UK property investment trusts) on coupons differ between an IT like CTY and UK REITs/ UK property investment trusts who don’t pay CT?

REITS have different treatment to regular Investment Trusts.

Taxation of investment trusts—overview