Freetrade Chat πŸ”₯

Chat about everything and anything to do with Freetrade - features, product, requests and ideas!

Ideas πŸ’‘

Request, vote for and discuss epic features and ideas you want to see on Freetrade.

Stock Requests πŸ“ˆ

Request the stocks & ETFs that you’d like Freetrade to add to our Stock Universe (so that you can invest in them), by creating a new topic for your stock in this category. Other users can vote for these requests to help us prioritise what to add.

Investing and Markets πŸ“ˆ

Discuss stocks, ETFs, and the markets.

Other Fintechs πŸ“±

Discussion of other fintech companies across the world.

Crowdfunding Freetrade πŸ™

A space for crowd investors in Freetrade and news on future crowdfunding rounds.

Help πŸ‘‹

For bugs & issues affecting your account, please contact the customer support team via the in-app chat. If you have a more general question about using Freetrade, post it here.

General Chat πŸ’¬

Chat with fellow Freetraders about all the other things that aren’t investing or Freetrade.