What is going on today? - Megathread

Lots of reds in the portfolio :grin: … this is just a few :stuck_out_tongue:


It goes up, then it comes down, then it goes up again etc. etc.


Stocks don’t always go up, but I’m sure you know that. Plus, a red day here and there is healthy.


It’s time to go shopping for discounts :shopping:


:smile: tempting

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Redundancies and pandemic!


I was just thinking the same. I started trading on Monday. Not put much money into it yet but everything I’ve bought has declined. I’ve also messed up with the Cannabis stocks by buying the peak, selling the dip and then rebuying the next peak and watching it fall immediately after. That’s how you’re meant to do it right?


Buy and hold, buy and hold… its long term folks, don’t think of it as get in, make a fast quid and get out, you’re more likely to just get stung.


Good pullback is normal and healthy for the market.

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I think this is the right approach. Going to hold this time with KNB and MXC. I don’t have much riding on it as it’s too much of a gamble right now.

“Buy low, sell high”


If only my paydays landed on a dip! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, new here and to this. I was wondering about the end of the month and how pay day affects markets. Has any noticed a correlation between pay day and stock performance?


I have not done a thesis on it, but i would think payday affects the markets like pissing in the sea causes coastal erosion :smile: Now US stimulus maybe a different kettle of fish, but it is more protracted than one day… more like since march 2020…


not to any meaningful extent, because its public knowledge that people get paid at the end of the month and that they might contribute to their investments, so its “priced in”

A similar phenomenon happens at Xmas, financial media likes to call it the Santa rally, but its really negligible and likely to be totally outdone by many other more meaningful market forces.


I am thinking a lot of stocks (especially leisure, hospitality and travel) will be affected by the uncertainty surrounding the Covid lockdown easing plan that is due to be announced on Monday. Probably bringing a fair bit uncertainty to the markets.

I was suprised to see UK stocks including leisure and hospitality do so badly today given the very good news about covid progress. I guess we need to wait till the easing plan.

However, all in all the market is down about 4% in the last few days? and people are already asking what’s going on, this is nothing it could go a lot lower!

[obviously not a recommendation to buy or sell, I could be wrong]

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Yep. Gotta weather the bad days too.

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Not everyone gets paid at the end of the month. I get paid in the middle of the month and my other half on the 1st of every month. Strange I know!

I think we’ve all done it… As long as that one time was a lesson…