What’s your loss?

(Vladislav Kozub) #1

Today is the day where every single active position of mine is officially in the red. To be precise, all 13 of them (sad stuff…).

At the moment, as of the most recent 12 months, I’m down 12.38% (only 0.83% when taking sold positions into consideration). I have not sold any red shares nor planning to. I am quite curious to see if anyone else wants to share their antirecords for the past year :sweat_smile:

And although I called it a loss, it is never a loss until it has been sold!

(Emma) #2

I prefer to think of it as a future gain waiting to happen :yum:


7.2% down when all is taken into account. Not that bothered, this downturn is largely a reaction to global issues, not underlying company weakness, and I expect it’ll bounce as things stabilise globally. Thinking ECB asset purchase woes subside, US rate increases slow down, Trump vanishes and Brexit turns out to be silky smooth. Then I wake up!


Really tough not to react when you see the red sea of stocks - we need calming colours :wink:

I am not that concerned right now, my main holdings are long term buys. My smallish Freetrade portfolio is roughly +2.9% right now. It could all go to pot by this afternoon. On the plus side I have a cool dividend coming my way soon :grin: I see this is a opportunity to buy some more, and average down :crossed_fingers:

(Vladislav Kozub) #5

It seems like you followed Viktor’s path of the Chinese ETF, didn’t you? :wink:


I nearly brought the China ETF twice but then didn’t - it is all too uncertain right now.

(Kenny Grant) #7

My best (or worst) loss is 31% so far on Barclays, but of course it’s not a loss unless you sell and I have no intention of doing that in the next few years… might even buy some more at these prices.


I’m split 3 ETF’s: UK focused companies, FTSE 100, and Global (mostly US).

At the moment i am sitting on about -9.5%, but i am not concerned because i am following markets so just going with the flow. Also each one of my ETF’s pays a dividend so i will be reinvesting that (should be getting 2 payments on 28 December!).


Plenty of red everywhere. The most red are Stitchfix, Alibaba and Baidu (-31%!).

Given the decade-long stock bull run, for many investors this will be the first time the stock market has been properly unhappy.

Assuming that the investor’s goal is something long-term like retirement provision, I find it helps to not to look at the prices! or your current portfolio valuation :smiley: . And consider continuing to buy steadily. Admittedly this can be very hard to do in a market going down because everyone has a point at which they’ll panic sell.

Anyway the current market is why I want a portfolio tool that can tell me that “the worse drop you’ve survived is X%, so you can do it again today, stay the course”.

(Kenny Grant) #10

Hopefully nobody is going to sell anything at a loss in the next few months. I just tell myself to take the long view if thinking about selling and avoid selling at a loss ever - one of the few advantages of being a retail investor with a long time horizon is a crash just doesn’t matter.

It could go a lot lower before things bottom out - I expect a few more months of falls from here. However if you think the companies you’ve picked have solid revenues and are unlikely to run out of money, the next few months will be a great time to buy. I wish I had more cash right now.


Glad to know it’s not just me! I’m up on Diageo an UU but down on everything rlse. Hey ho, this is just fun, and my equity investment in Freetrade is the real deal. (Had my socks and t-shirt on today.)

(Giridhar Tammana) #12

I’m down a lot (>20)but I don’t have anything I call a portfolio. I take random news based bets.

I have some cash in isa waiting to be deployed for few years now. So I would like more red :yum:

But bear markets can make people keep away for very long time, last one kept me away for almost a decade.
My only hope is I’m wiser :sunglasses:

(Dave Smith) #13

All mine are well in the red at the moment, I did sell half back in may which was a good move, but with hindsight I should have sold the lot. I’m just going to hold and stick it out now


I’m down about 2%. I think things will continue to get worse before they get better. I had planned to leave the money in for a period of years so hopefully the market will turn around eventually.


Down by 3.44% for me on my S&S ISA. Courtesy of Moneyfarm. :dizzy_face:

(Chris) #16

Does that include fees?


No. I don’t pay any fee because I’ve started when they still offered free management for your first 10k investment. :bookmark:

(Emma) #18

What have you invested in with them? That’s not bad at all with the way the markets are at the moment


My portfolio.

I only put £10 a month and missed the chance to increase it before they changed their minimum to £100. I plan to put more in especially that the market is down these days. I just need to budget first.

(Vladislav Kozub) #20

Over 50% cash/bonds brings its low-risk benefits of a minimal volatility in comparison to the portfolios that are mostly equity-based :grin: