Is your portfolio up or down?

Is your FreeTrade portfolio currently up or down?

Mine is down. I’ve invested mainly in speculative US stocks such as.


I have faith that some of these will recover over the longer term but EXPI has tumbled by over 50% and I regret buying MVIS as I no longer believe in the company.

My biggest mistakes have been buying at the wrong time and FOMO.


Down by about 4k - the green sector really took a tumble

@Newbie yes the likes of ITM were hit hard.

I suspect, if they’re being honest most people’s portfolios are currently down - I could be wrong of course.


I think that’s likely true if you are all in on one or two sectors. I’m only really down on my tech stocks. Health care, mining and consumer goods stocks are keeping me green at the moment.

Mix of up and down.

I seem to have lost a tenner on the down shares since yesterday.

My portfolio took a big drop with jupiter fund management plc. But hoping the dividend will recover some of that. I bought two days before ex dividend when it was very high. A few days after they announced high outages and shares plummeted! But their balance cash flow is good so hoping for a recovery!

It would drop after Ex div.

Did the drop resemble the expected dividend return?

Not really. My losses are greater than the dividend expected payment at the moment. But luckily they keep increasing the dividend % its now at 6.51%

I think they kept the losses quiet until after ex dividend for that very reason.

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who are they?

Think that depends when you started, the S&P 500 is still close to its all time high. Most people who have been investing for a few years are probably up


Jupiter fund management plc

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I’m up about 1% overall. At the start of the week I was up about 5%.

I’ve only been investing about 5 weeks, and have been drip feeding money in each day rather than investing it all upfront, so a lot of my buying has been skewed towards the peak.

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S&P is only 1.3% from its ATH and FTSE is 1.8% down from 52 week high so depends on the time period

Overall: Up.

At time of writing:

VWRP - Up 4%
EMIM - Up by barely anything.
WLDS - up 1%
VGOV - down 2%
WOOD - up 7%
FXPO - up 12%
SJPA - down 3% (Looking to sell once it reaches parity)
INRG - down 24% (Not investing, it’s only two shares thankfully)
BOO - down 7%

It should be more healthy once I’m able to exit SJPA and maybe INRG. SJPA was just a test buy and hasn’t been anywhere near what I paid for it since I got it. Utterly rubbish.

INRG crashed as everyone knows by now, I only got two shares and resisted the temptation to ‘buy down’. I prefer to put the money into other, healthier stocks right now.

BOO I’m not topping up any further. I will exit this one once it is around £4 maybe, depends how the growth period goes.

The only individual share I’m intending to hold is FXPO, which has had another spike into the £4 range now (I first bought at £3.30). I don’t have many shares there because my portfolio is based around the ETFS; VWRP is the core, EMIM, WLDS and WOOD are the satellite ETFs and VGOV is the bond.

So far I’m fairly happy performance-wise with WOOD and VWRP, but less so about WLDS and EMIM, but I don’t intend to exit those positions anytime soon.

Thx Greg.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • When you bought it, how long did you plan to hold it for and how long has it been so far?
  • Why not sell now and buy something you think is better?

I bought them before I formulated my portfolio, they are both things I don’t want in the portfolio anymore basically.

I’d rather they meet parity and sell. The Japanese one should get there at some point. The INRG one is -£7, but because it is only two shares I don’t mind leaving them there to see if they recover. If I had a bigger holding I might have cut my losses, but as they’re small I don’t really mind waiting on them right now.


Yeah, I think that’s a good strategy. I’ve got 5 stocks I bought in my first week of trading where the value is less than £50 and I’ve decided I’ve got no interest in keeping them. I’ve set the target %age in my spreadsheet to 0, but have no plans to sell them until I actually need the cash for something else.

There are a couple that have lost a lot last week and not recovered but were ticking along at about break even before. But now I think they genuinely were over-valued, but as about half my portfolio is cash until I invest, I might as well give them a shot at recovering in the mean time.

I have a couple more that made a profit, but I just don’t care about them, so I’ll let them tick along in case they continue rising. My decision is just that I don’t want any more of them because I’m more interested in other things where I know the market more.


As Dave said, it depends when you started. I started in the second half of 2019, and went almost all red in the crash of March 2020. I’m currently 25% up.

Most of my stocks are green, but have a bunch of SPACs all in red.

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