Balance is going down despite my shares going up??

I have over 14.5k value in shares on this app ,six of the companies were doing well this morning , only Kier was slightly down which was negligible. By my calculation I should have seen an improvement on my balance of over £70 , yet my gains for this morning started to go into freefall and at the point of losing £45 I checked all my shares ,…still all in the green!!!,…Anyone know why this would happen?

Not sure it is the answer but are you in the green but down due to % fees for exchange etc? Or if $ a stock could be up say 10% but down in £ due to exchange rate? Not sure what figures the app use to confirm the up or down, never thought about it.

Only trading in U.K , so £ only ,…basically 6 different shares were all going up and my calculation was that at the time my balance should have been in the green and £70 up this morning. But the figures went from £20 down to £45 down in less than a few minutes , I double checked every share and they were all going up. I decided to cash in everything to save any further losses. No one from Freetrade has answered my question on the matter and besides losing money when I should have gained , I now miss out on dividends on hundreds of shares.

Seems very odd, not sure, sorry. FT should explain as I get it seems crazy and not how it should be going. I have never really followed the data too hard as like to deposit and forget a bit but will now check out a bit more. :rofl:

What shares and what time?

Selling your shares wasn’t really the best option I’m sure there was a reasonable explanation.

Did you contact the in app support?


Agree with above - knee-jerk reaction there. The in-app data isn’t the best barometer, particularly on the one day chart. I’ve seen some quirky days for a number of reasons. Firstly, if exit prices the day before are incorrect, your starting figure is wrong. Hence, even if a share has gone up, your one day chart may look like its gone down. I’ve had this before where a share dropped several percent, but the final price of the day glitches back to the opening price. Secondly, the Daily chart seems to start at about 8.20 rather than 8. If your shares jump at opening, but then settle back it can look like you’re down on the day even though your balance is higher than the day before.

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Yeah I think it’s most likely a data issue or discrepancy between opening price and closing price the day before.

I contacted support 3 times, but still no response. I felt I had no choice other than to sell everything. The shares were all going up bar one. The kier Construction shares were the only one’s that were not gaining and they were not really an issue. I have sat on shares that have gone down and understand that they can easily recover. This was unrelated to the shares moving. The balance of my account was showing a negative figure which continued to spiral downward despite the buoyancy of all my shares. Nothing logical added up,…At 9.30 this morning, Shell,BP,Babcock,HSBC,Aviva and Centrica, total value of shares in the region of 13k were all gaining. So why would my balance suddenly go down?

I seem to get pretty much instant responses from support with a plus account through the in-app chat. If there was a problem with Freetrade’s third party provider, any plus account holders contacting them would get priority over free account holders.

Looking at the in-app chart at 0930 this morning Centrica was down about 1% and dropped to 1.56% down on the day at 0954. It quickly gained most of those losses by 1215.

Babcock had risen 2.07% by 0836 but by 0935 had dropped to a 1.02% - depending on your holding size, could these drops have been the cause of the fluctuations?

Sometimes a poor wifi/data signal can cause problems updating charts or having other apps open that eat into your phone memory cause issues. If I use my architecture software with a design with lots of layers on my phone the Freetrade App struggles to display data (also if I have a million tabs open in Safari!) :sweat_smile:

At the time I was checking all my shares they were comfortably in the “green” but my balance for the day was going in the opposite direction. As others have suggested it was data lag , I am not convinced because overall performance on the day my shares made gains, yet I ended up £45 down. The so called lag on my balance total should have re-adjusted back to somewhere near the amount I started with. Still no response from FT not good as I am paying for the service.

Am I right in saying even if the n app screen was showing a loss when you sold the shares you would have got the current value anyway so you would have got the gain?? If they were actually up?

All explained and resolved now

So what was the explanation?


Would be good to know what happened please.


lol, this is like when you’re troubleshooting a problem, and finally manage to find a thread of someone dealing with the same issue, but at the end all they write is

nvm fixed it

and refuse to elaborate :smile:


My money is on the problem being the GBP rallying against the USD whilst holding US equities…

Been gaslighted by that more than once! :rofl:


Tremendous cliff hanger ending from the OP. ‘Who Shot JR?’ stuff. ( ask your Dad )

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Wasn’t it JR’s bit-on-the-side?

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When the trail goes cold it tends to point towards a bit of user error/misunderstanding…


TL:DR - OP doesn’t understand how spread works.

Can we close this thread?