Noob, help!

Hi all, COMPLETE NOOB here, never invested in my life. Have just opened a Freetrade account via the app and have invested some money in cheap shares as a “toe in the water”.
I hope you won’t mind but I have a couple of quick questions that I don’t seem able to find answers to…

  1. Am I right in saying that there are no buying/selling charges for UK shares? I did notice a half penny stamp duty charge for each share or transaction when buying, is this the only charge?

  2. I know that when you sell, there is a 3 day delay before withdrawal, this is fine, but I need to know whether the funds from a sale are immediately available to reinvest or not?

I’m in with very little money at the minute, I guess playing “swing trader” for the moment, hence the need to know!
Any help is greatly appreciated,


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