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Hello , I am newby to investing and just wanted a general advise on daily stock performance
I purchased some UK shares today, within the app, and I just wanted to correctly read the daily stock performance . my question is;
on the home screen where it says portfolio balance, my value went down by 10p within a few hours. (please note I have only invested in one UK company so far), however when I click on the actual investment I made, and then choose 1D, it says the value of the shares went up.
if the share value went up in 1 day, why has my portfolio instead lost value?
I am sure this is a silly question to you pros but please let me know in layman terms :slight_smile:
Thank you

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Your total portfolio value includes the value of your shares as well as your cash. When you buy shares, even though Freetrade doesn’t charge a commission, you might still have to pay a foreign exchange fee if you’re buying US stocks, or stamp duty (tax) for UK stocks. Those will reduce the total value of your portfolio. Check your ‘activity’ feed and the details of your stock transaction, and any such fees should be shown there.

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Thank you!

Also once you buy the shares, under your activity you can click on the shares and it will show you a certificate/purchase note. This will give you the full cost breakdown including additional charges (well I know it does for the US FX charges)

Good luck

Also think about the time of day you invested.

E.g. the stock started the day at 50p and ended the day at 100p. It will be showing a 100% gain for the day.

The problem is You actually bought in during the middle of the day when it hit 200p.

This means your 1D investment is 50% down, but the 1D graph on the stock will still show a 100% gain

Thanks all this is much clearer now