Estimated profit down after buying additional shares

Sorry, not first time investing, but sort of a beginner question anyway. I buy VUAG monthly and just before today’s purchase I believe Freetrade said I was up by around £600. Then after I bought shares worth around £1,050, this went down to around “up by £400”.

Did I see this wrong or is this because of the spread? Or maybe the prices hadn’t updated on the graph before buying.


You’re average price is higher after the purchase, so profit is lower.

Edit: misunderstood the question, assumed it was profit for this specific stock.

Don’t think it’s that, the amount in £ you are up or down doesn’t change just because you bought more at a higher price.

I reckon it will be because the price shown before the buy was a bit out of date

What about stamp duty. Fx fees etc as well? Would that make a difference it’s actully something I was meaning to ask a while back or is this already factored in.

I would of thought it wouldn’t have been as technically its a loss and you need the stock to progress to make back your losses on the taxs and fees.

I usually simply add those to the purchase amount on my excel spreadsheet. I regard any tax and FX as purchase amount and only then calculate any profit or loss.

Yes you do this mannualy but I have never seen yet or someone say is this priced in on freetrade measurement on how your stocks are doing or do we need to get tabs on it?