Daily profit calculation

Hello! Sorry for the probably silly question, but I have aa issue I cannot figure out myself. According to the Freetrade calculation of the trading day results, I’m down for about £2, but Yahoo.finance calculates the same day as about £7 up. There were no any transactions during the day. So why do I have this difference?
Thank you!

If you have bought multiple times then sold some, FT goes on a first in, first out rule rather than total average which I hate but could explain the difference. Or maybe its FX?

Thank you Adam! But there were no any transactions today, which really puzzles me.

ISA or GIA? GIA has those specific rules, everything on the same day is considered a single trade, everything within 30 days is counted first in first out, everything after 30 days is counted as one average.


Sorry, forgot to mention it - it is ISA account.

I don’t think ISAs have any rules that im aware of i think everything’s just counted as an average since there’s no tax implications.

Have you inputted every transaction you’ve made into yahoo?

I made some transactions yesterday, but not today, so I expect all FX losses were added to the previous day?

no idea. i just had a look at making a portfolio on yahoo myself and some are spot on, some are slightly behind, some are slightly ahead.

I get the same thing from time to time but I do have most of my portfolio in US stocks and gbp:usd price is updated a lot more often in yahoo. Also, if it has low volume, sometimes you can get a massive transaction right in the last few seconds of the day that moves the price a bit but isn’t shown on freetrade until the morning.

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