Plus Account (GIA and ISA addition)

Hi guys- just quick one. Been so impressed with FT since I got it a couple of weeks back that I want to move my ISA to FT. Have the Plus and notice that it seems to be a pretty streamlined workflow for adding the ISA. Know it’s a pain trying to move shares across, so I was just thinking of keeping the GIA as is. Newb question, but will the ISA account just sit as a separate area within the app and you can toggle in the UI between the GIA and ISA?



Yep that’s how it works. A drop down under the “Portfolio” header.

Awesome- cheers. What with the lack of fees on FT, there’s zero reason to keep using something like HL, especially for US stocks where their FX charge is ridiculous. Basically paying around £34 to buy and sell a US stock which is mad- that’s 3 months of Plus membership here alone. No brainer.



Yep exactly. Freetrades 0.45 fx charge is incredibly low against the likes if hl, and they still charge for a buy and sell too!

No wonder the cofounder has been selling his shares in hl.

In mine, its really easy to toggle between the gia, isa and sipp accounts