Transfer GIA to/from Freetrade

Got the FT email this morning about the new GIA transfer service. WAHOO! Bye bye HL. Bye bye II. Made my week. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah I saw this as well it’ll be quite useful


Will be good but will have to keep the ii account for those stocks not covered by FT or due to nationality declaration issues. Will await to it see if it has to be the whole GIA transferred or if stocks can be selected

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That’s odd. I don’t seem to have received that email but I would be very interested in that feature!


Can anyone share a screen grab of the offer?


Transfer your GIA

Join the waitlist for our new GIA transfers service.
Transfer cash and investments into your Freetrade GIA from any GIAs you hold with other providers.


Very strange that not every FT customer got the mail :thinking: Surely that should have been a send all mail. It’s a great option for those in need of it though.

The last thing they want is to open it up to everyone in a big bang given there’ll be plenty of pent up demand among their 1mn users. They need a small set to test before unleashing to everyone, but they also probably need to manage existing users in waves.


Fair point :+1: I feel privileged to have got the mail then :rofl:

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I’m sure this has been answered before, is there any way to transfer shares from a GIA to an ISA, with any brokers, not just Freetrade?

I have GIA shares with several brokers and would like to move them to an ISA. Don’t care if it’s Freetrade, Hargreaves Lansdown or wherever.

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Absolutely. It’s called Bed and Isa. Think everyone offers this?

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What you are referring to is Bed and ISA isn’t it? This still involves selling the intruments in a GIA and then re-buying them in the ISA. There’s no way to transfer directly

Some brokers offer to do it for you but only if both GIA and ISA will be held with them.

This :arrow_up: . Note any Bed & ISA transfers would eat into your £20k limit ( as opposed to ISA —> ISA transfers )

I’ve also got the email. Only have the one GIA. With Freetrade :+1:

I got the email but I can’t sign up to be on the wait list. It keeps saying I haven’t filled in the form correctly. But I have!
Any ideas?

Transfer In GIA how about transfer out?

It feels like a trap to only offer one way option to customer, and get locked in with Freetrade.

Everyone should have an option to move inn and out at their will. Just like you cant give any one advise what to invest in.

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If you wanted to do that, wouldn’t you just use the transfer service of the other provider to move the GIA from Freetrade to them?


Yes, I believe the step would require transfer service from other provider… but Freetrade doesn’t allow transfer out services, they want to gain n retain customers.

@Caius your concern is well founded just keep in mind that Freetrade :freetrade: are the 2nd biggest broker on the LSE by volume, transfer out will will come in time. Until 3 days ago they didn’t even have a wait list for the transfer in service.

So disappointed. Apparently FT can only transfer in LSE stocks. :frowning: