Transfer GIA to/from Freetrade

I am currently looking to transfer my GIA from another broker to Free-trade , i have the form which i got from Free-trade support that i am currently filling out.

The form is asking for the “account number” however i can only find my “user number” in the Free-Trade app ?

Am i missing a section were i can find an account number ?


No you’re not missing anything, it’s a dud form. Just ask FT in chat. If you’ve been on FT for a while and remember sending money into your account usigg a reference code, its that number. Also things they don’t tell you - you can apparently only transfer in LSE shares, nothing listed in the US.

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No, in general there is not. By law, brand new money entering any ISA wrapper must be in GBP cash. Hence sale, transfer pounds, repurchase is the only way. Or even ISA → LISA transfers result in sale & repurchase to calculate the £4k transfer in limit & government grant.

There is very limited number of stock shares that one can contribute into ISA but it is complicated - if you work for an employer that is a publically listed FTSE company and they offer save&buy shares scheme and you sign up for that and get the shares, upon granting those can be moved into ISA without bed&ISA process with some brokers. But that is very rare / small amounts.

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Many thanks for your reply , this information has been really helpful. I will contact support.

Just to update on my experience with GIA transfers:

I sent my request to Freetrade to transfer my GIA from AJBell.

Transfer of funds* were received in my Freetrade GIA today.

The process took 15 days in total from start to finish.

*I liquidated the stocks I had with AJBell so it was a cash transfer, in case transfer of stocks might take longer.


Is there anyway to transfer shares that purchased a few years ago into my Freetrade account?

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Hi @Eddie_D

You’ll need to fill out this form, it’s only for UK stocks currently

Freetrade do offer the ability to transfer certain types or shares/investment accounts.

If you contact support they are in the best position to explain the procedure.

I have a family member currently going through a GIA transfer to Freetrade and support have been excellent and made the process straight forward so far. Just a waiting game now for the shares to be moved.

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Form filled in.

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Nothing fancy, just thought I’d mention my transfer experience as it’s was super smooth.

Transfered some GIA shares into Freetrade via their transfer form. Whole thing took 8 business days. Was originally suggested this can take up to 6 weeks. Presumably some of that depends on the speediness of the other broker.

Freetrade also asked for original book costs which was unexpected but a nice addition. So it continues to reflect the original price i paid elsewhere within the free trade app

Only downside was they couldn’t transfer some UK stocks that they’ve recently removed from the platform. Which is disappointing as it’s not clear why. But hopefully those will be brought back in the future


Anyone know
If you transfer stocks into FT from an account that’s in USD will any FX fees be payable?

Hi, I have recently invested using Freetrade however, I managed my own portfolio for two years over on SaxoCapital and would like to transfer my positions over to Freetrade. Is this possible?

My understanding Lewis is that your positions would be sold and the cash transferred. You would then need to buy the positions you wanted back in Freetrade.

Others can correct me if wrong.

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You can transfer if they hold the stock, if not you can either request and wait for it to be added ( freetrade are very slow at adding) or sell the shares and transfer the cash

There’s a form you need to fill out

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Thanks for the reply

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Thank you for the better information than I gave. I’ll bookmark this in case it gets asked again in future :slight_smile:

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Hey, that form is for ISA’s. How about shares from other trading accounts?

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I’m also interested in transferring shares from another non-ISA account in my FreeTrade non-ISA account, where FreeTrade do offer the stock.

Thanks Adam, but that is for transferring ISAs, not shares held in a non-ISA S&S account (the actual name for the type of account escapes me), like using FreeTrade in a non-ISA capacity.